WiFi Slow On Phone But Fast On Laptop: 8 Ways To Fix It

If your WiFi is slow on the phone but fast on the laptop, you might need to simply restart your device and see how it goes from there. However, sometimes this won’t help your WiFi phone speed.

Although WiFi internet speed on smartphones and laptops are similar, some minor configuration mistakes might make your phone internet speed a bit sluggish, at least when compared to your laptop or PC.

Wi-Fi slow on an android phone, or any smartphone for that matter, shouldn’t make you worry, as it is easy to fix. Here are some of the most common reasons why your WiFi is slow on your phone but fast on your laptop, and how to fix it!

Why is your Wi-Fi slow on the phone but fast on the laptop?

When we talk about internet wireless speed, it works the same on your phone or laptop. Essentially, it should have the same speed.

Laptops have better reception, so it’s rare to have Wi-Fi slow on the laptop but fast on mobile, but the contrary happens quite often.

Here are some common reasons why your WiFi is slow on your phone.

1. You are too far away from your Wi-Fi router

Since laptops generally have better reception than smartphones for WiFi, you can easily take it away from the router and still have good internet speed.

However, this might not be the case on your phone. The closer you are with your phone to the WiFi router, the faster your WiFi internet speed will be.

2. Something may be blocking your phone signal

On average, WiFi routers can provide you with internet for over 50 meters.

However, since phone internet receptors are weaker than laptop internet receptors, something may be blocking your WiFi connection on your smartphone. This will affect your phone’s WiFi speed, not just your phone signal overall.

Another issue is the placement of your router. Sometimes, if you put your router upstairs but want to use your WiFi on your smartphone downstairs, the internet speed will slow as particular objects block out the signal.

Check your smartphone’s WiFi signal icon and count the bars on it. If you have a few bars, the signal isn’t strong enough.

wifi fast on phone but slow on laptop

3. Too much activity on your router

Network congestion can also make your WiFi slow on your phone but fast on your laptop. If your laptop is active, streaming, downloading, or playing games, you may face network congestion.

Your laptop will use more of your WiFi signal in this process, leaving your phone with a relatively slow internet connection.

4. Noise from other electronic appliances

The WiFi noise is susceptible to the noise of your other electronic appliances that reside in your home.

Devices such as microwaves, wireless doorbells, or cordless phones may affect your WiFi phone connection and frequency. This mainly stands true for 2.4GHz band wireless routers.

5. A VPN or other software can slow your Wi-Fi speed on the phone

Many people use VPN services on their smartphones to encrypt their data and remain anonymous on the web or simply wish to access content from other geo-locations.

Though using a VPN service is great, sometimes, a cheap VPN provider can affect your phone’s WiFi speed. This mostly happens when users opt to use free VPNs on their smartphones. Premium VPNs shouldn’t affect the internet speed on your phone.

Other apps can also slow down your internet speed. Sometimes, even phone updates can take up most of the internet speed, leaving your WiFi speed on your phone very slow, while the internet speed on your laptop remains the same.

6. Low-quality smartphone

Another common reason your internet speed is slow on your phone but fast on your laptop is that your phone, in general, is slow.

Some smartphones can’t keep up with internet speed, being unable to properly load the high-quality graphics of the newer games or other apps. An old Android smartphone may simply not be able to stand up to today’s standard requirements.

why is wifi slow on laptop but fast on phone

How to fix slow Wi-Fi on phone?

Though there are various reasons why your WiFi is slow on your phone but fast on your laptop, it can be easily fixed. 

Here are some things you can do to fix your WiFi speed on your phone and rival it even with your laptop or PC.

1. Move closer to your router

The closer you are to your router, the faster your internet connection on your phone will be, as the signal will be stronger. Check the WiFi signal bars on your phone as you move closer to your router, and see if anything changes.

2. Change the router position

If your router is situated above or below your room, particular objects or even the walls can block out its signal, leaving your phone WiFi signal to the bare minimum or none at all. Here are some common things that block out your WiFi’s signal:

  1. Metal
  2. Furniture
  3. Concrete walls
  4. Plaster and metal lath
  5. Ceramic tile
  6. Windows and tinted glass
  7. Mirrors
  8. Drywall
  9. Water

If you want to get a stronger WiFi connection on your phone, simply change your router’s position, and take note of the list above. However, there are two more things to take into consideration.

First, it’s your neighbor’s WiFi signal. This outside WiFi signal can sometimes interfere with your own WiFi signal, rendering your phone with internet speed irregularities. Take everything into consideration if you want to increase your phone’s internet speed.

The second thing you need to consider is that your WiFi is susceptible to noise from other electronic appliances.  Even your microwave can affect and change your WiFi connection and frequency. If you use a Netgear router, this is how you can increase its speed.

3. Change your Internet frequency

If you suspect something is affecting your internet speed due to WiFi noise, you need to change your internet frequency on your phone. First, check your wireless router settings and try to change the network band.

The network band that operates from 2.4GHz to 5GHz is less prone to WiFi noise. However, if you do choose to change your internet frequency to make your WiFi stronger on your phone, first make sure that your phone can operate with 5GHz.

Here is how you can connect to your 5 GHz WiFi, and what to do if you can’t.

school wifi fast on phone but slow on laptop

4. Opt for premium VPN

As mentioned before, if you are using a free or cheap VPN service on your phone, it might affect your internet speed. The best thing to do is either get rid of the VPN service on your phone or simply opt for a premium VPN.

A premium VPN service shouldn’t affect your WiFi speed on your smartphone. Simply go and research some of the best and most affordable VPN providers. 

5. Reduce the number of activities on your smartphone

If your WiFi is slow on the phone only, it may be that there are too many activities on your smartphone. Too much syncing or app downloading will slow down your WiFi speed. Consider reducing the number of apps active on your phone and activities.

Try doing this one at a time and see if your WiFi connection gets any better. If things don’t change, then there may be too much activity on your laptop. 

Laptops are generally more suited for WiFi usage than smartphones, and they will take priority when you download, stream, or play video games. This might leave your phone with a weaker WiFi signal and thus a slower internet speed.

6. Clear your cache

We use our smartphones to browse a lot on the internet, maybe even more than we do on our laptops. This may result in a lot of stored data that may affect your internet speed on your phone.

To solve this issue, simply clear the history and cache on the browser you are using on your smartphone. See if things get better from here.

7. Buy a better smartphone

If anything mentioned above didn’t solve your internet speed issues on your phone, and your WiFi is still faster on your laptop than on your smartphone, then you need to change your phone.

Apps, games, GPS, everything gets updated in time and will require greater resources on your phone to work properly. If you have slow internet on an Android phone, then it simply might be that it is too old.

Nowadays, good smartphones are becoming cheaper, so you should consider parting ways with your old phone to get the best out of your internet connection. If you believe this is not the cause, there is one last thing to do.

8. Contact your Internet provider

Though these are the most common problems and ways to fix the slow WiFi on your phone, sometimes you may need professional help. Consider taking your phone for a checkup and see if all is well.

Your smartphone may have some internal damage or other configuration issues that might cause a slow internet connection. Ask about the WiFi capabilities of your phone if you take it to a service center.

We hope our list has helped you out and your WiFi speed on your phone improved. Please contact your internet provider if you can’t solve the issue.

As a bonus, here is what you need to do if your youtube disconnects your internet!

F. A. Q.

How do I fix slow Wi-Fi on one device?

Laptops and phones should have the same internet speed if they are close to your router. If your Wi-Fi is slow on the laptop but fast on the phone, or vice versa, you may simply be too far away. Appliances and other materials in your home may also block out the Wi-Fi signal to your phone.

Why is my Wi-Fi so slow on my phone only?

Phones are much more prone to damage than laptops, affecting their WiFi capabilities. If you regularly drop your phone, consider taking it to service for inspection. You should also check how many apps are running on your phone, reduce them, or clear your browsing history and cache regularly.

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