Why Is My Google In Czech? 10 Ways To Easily Fix It

If your Google is in Czech, you don’t need to worry as it might be a simple bug issue. Google uses IP addresses to determine your location. However, this method isn’t 100% accurate all the time.

It might be a simple case of Google wrongly detecting your location. Yet, there might be other reasons why your Google is in the wrong language, such as VPN and viruses.

In order to fix this issue, you need to find out the reason why Google is in Czech. We will help you with this thoroughly detailed guide!

Why does Google think I’m in the Czech Republic?

People use various browsers and other internet settings that may sometimes affect their standard English Google language setting. In other cases, the issue may arise if you forget to change some settings, a prank, or even hacking, in the worst case.

Here is why Google thinks you’re in the Czech Republic and usually triggers these wrong language settings.

1. VPN server location

Many people use a VPN service to access the content available in other countries. If you use a VPN, it’s possible that your geolocation is set to the Czech Republic, and thus the reason why your Google is in the Czech language. 

Free VPNs or cheap ones can sometimes have these sorts of bugs and randomly assign you wrong geolocation that might interfere with your web surfing.

2. Google assumed you are in Czechia

Google often uses your IP address to determine your location. However, an IP address doesn’t always accurately match your correct location. Google redirecting to Czech, or any other language might be caused by this issue.

If you are traveling, this issue shouldn’t be a big surprise as you will inevitably use much public free WiFi, which may not be the best practice while traveling.

3. Someone may simply want to prank you

It’s easy to use the language settings on your browser and change a language. Someone may be pranking you and changing your English language to Czech when you’re not around. If you have children, it’s quite possible that they unknowingly or unwillingly did this as well.

Luckily, changing the language of your browser is very easy to do, so you won’t have trouble changing it back to English. However, in order to avoid wasting time every time you use the computer, be sure to take the necessary measures so that it doesn’t happen again.

4. Someone may have left their Gmail account on your browser active

If you have foreign friends that come over and use your computer, it’s quite possible that they may have left their Gmail account active on your browser, and thus why you are seeing everything in Google in Czech, or another foreign language.

5. Your computer is infected/hacked

Having your browser language set from English to Czech is frustrating. However, this may be a clear sign of malware. The browser hijacker type of malware can easily change any browser settings that you may have to achieve its purpose.

It’s possible that you downloaded some suspicious files or accessed unsecured links, which led to your PC infestation. Hackers can easily modify anything in your computer if they wish and have the right resources to do so.

It is very easy for them to change your browser language from English to Czech, or any other, simply to frustrate you, distract you, buy some time, or even use ransomware.

6. You are using the wrong google page

Take a good look at the page you are at in your browser. Is it google.com, or google.cz?

If it’s google.CZ, then it means that you have accessed the Czech Google, and thus almost everything appears in Czech. CZ is actually the top-level domain for Czech pages in general.

7. An outdated browser

An outdated browser can cause a lot of problems. It becomes very buggy in time and will lead to language problems as well.

Apart from this, if you don’t keep your browser updated, or any other software for that matter, it can act as a gateway for hackers and malware to access/infect your PC, and cause various issues.

8. Your system language is set to Czech

Your Google language is in Czech because you may have your system language set to Czech. Most apps or software will usually adapt to these settings and change everything to that respective language setting if this is the case.

9. You are connected through a Czech provider

Another common reason for having your Google in a foreign language such as Czech is that you may have a Czech internet provider, or you are somehow connected to a Czech network, which your default Google language set to Czech.

How to change Google back to English from Czech

Dealing with a foreign language in your browser is quite frustrating, and it may have happened due to the reasons mentioned above. Fortunately, solving these problems is very easy.

Here is what you should do to set your English browser language to default from Czech or any other foreign language.

1. Make sure you aren’t connected to a Czech provider

If you are traveling, you might connect yourself to a Czech internet provider, changing your Google language to Czech. To change it back, either find a different internet provider or simply go to your browser language settings and set it to English.

2. Set your system language to English

Your system may be set to Czech, thus why your Google is in Czech. You need to go to Start>Settings>Time & Language>Language to change this. Select English or your desired language to standard.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, try to restart your PC or smartphone and check if the problem persists.

3. Update your browser

If your browser isn’t updated, it might have some minor glitches, from wrong language settings, or even lagging on Netflix. In Google Chrome and most browsers, if you are behind with your updates, it will appear on the right side of your browser.

Select the updates and let them do their thing. If you don’t see any updates, go to Start>Settings>Update & Security> and check to see if any updates are available.

You can always search for the latest version of your browser online and download the needed software. Sometimes, even uninstalling your browser and reinstalling it will solve any language problems.

4. Ensure that you are on the right page

If you are on google.cz then it’s quite normal for your google to be in Czech, as CZ is the top domain for Czech pages. Redirect yourself to google.com and see if the problem persists.

5. Perform an Antivirus check-up on your PC

Google in Czech might be the earliest sign of a browser hijack malware infection. Google redirecting to Czech is also a clear sign of infestation. Use an antivirus to check if your system is clean of viruses. 

Get rid of them and see if the problem persists. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to reinstall your operating system, but that’s a bit unlikely. These types of malware generally have access to every setting on your browser and change it as they wish. 

You can simply uninstall your browser, perform a security check, and then reinstall it to see if you still have problems.

6. Make sure that you aren’t logged with someone else’s Gmail

Google in the wrong language might simply be a case of someone accidentally leaving their Gmail credentials active on your browser. To solve this, log out of their account and simply log back in with yours, or don’t log in with any account and see if the problem persists.

If your Google is still in Czech, and you want to set Chrome to English, simply go to the browser’s language settings, and set English as default. If only your Google or Youtube work, check out this article on how to fix it. 

7. Enter your browser settings and change them to English

If you can’t change your browser settings to English since the Czech language might be misleading, then we’ve got you covered! To set Chrome to English, click on the three lined-up dots at the right corner of your screen.

Click on the 13th command, or “nastaveni”, which means settings. On the left side of your browser, click the 8th command, or “pokrocily”, which translates to advanced. Click on the 1st command, which is “jazyky” which means languages. 

The first things you may see are “Jazyk”, and below, “Cesky jazyk” or “cestina”. Click on this. Then, click on “pridat jazyk”, and search for English. Once English is set, click on the three lined-up dots next to it.

Then mark the “Display Google Chrome in this language”. Make sure you uncheck this box for the Czech language option. Restart your browser and see if the problem persists.

8. Change your VPN Geo-Location or deactivate It

If you are using a VPN service, ensure that you don’t have your location set to the Czech Republic. Connect to other locations to see if your Google is still in Czech. If the problem still persists, and it doesn’t set Chrome to English, consider deactivating your VPN.

Activate your VPN only when necessary, and if you still have Google in Czech while doing so, consider using a different VPN provider, as free VPNs aren’t generally safe or user-friendly.

9. Report the problem to Google directly

If the problem still persists, and your Google is in the wrong language even after all the options above, you are dealing with a serious IP address location mistake.

To resolve this issue, you can either try to contact your internet provider and see if your IP address has a problem, and find out how to solve it, or you can submit the error directly to google

To do this, do a search on Google for anything. It doesn’t matter. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap feedback. Enter a description of your problem and clearly state everything that you have done to fix it.

Include a screenshot if you wish, and send the error report to google. You may have to wait for a couple of hours before getting a clear response.

10. You can also report the problem to the browser company

If you use a not-so-well-known browser, you can always change it. However, both high-end and low-end browsers are susceptible to glitches from time to time. If you consider the browser as the real culprit of your problems, you should submit an error report to its company.

Search for the browser you are using and add a submit error in your search console. You should be able to find a form filling application where you will need to explain your issue and what you have already done to resolve it.

Expect at least one day before receiving an answer.

Thank you for reading our article, and we hope your google isn’t in the Czech language anymore. As a bonus, check out this article about how Youtube can disconnect you from the internet.

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