Should Fortnite Players Get the Same Treatment as Suicide Squad Players for the Server Downtime?

The only way to keep an online multiplayer game alive today is by frequently rolling out patch updates bringing quality-of-life improvement and new in-game content for players to take part in. And with this comes scheduled notices for server downtimes which are generally announced in advance by the developers on their social media platforms. However, … Read more

How to Monitor Your MacBook RAM Usage

Your MacBook’s performance heavily relies on its memory usage and volume. The more memory your Mac has, the more actions you can perform without necessarily slowing it down. If your Mac’s RAM usage is well optimized, the macOS won’t be forced to turn to virtual memory, which consumes much of the hard drive, slowing down … Read more

The Importance of Holographs in the Tech Age: A Full Guide

As we sail through the 21st century, the realm of technology constantly evolves, introducing revolutionary tools and applications that reshape our understanding and interaction with the digital world. Among these innovations, holography emerges as a pivotal advancement, heralding a new era of visual communication and data representation. This technology, leveraging the principles of light interference, … Read more

Easy Fix Your iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi on iOS 17 

Have you ever experienced a situation where your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi? It can be quite frustrating and always seems to occur at the most inconvenient times! Whether you’re trying to purchase tickets for an event with a looming deadline or receiving a video call from a family member while using a public network … Read more Protection Status