Two Modems In One House: Everything You Need To Know

People frequently inquire as to whether it is feasible to have two modems in a single home and, if so, why anyone would require them in the first place. 

While we agree that a modem is a fundamental piece of equipment for connecting to your internet service provider, we question whether it is necessary to have two of them.

We have compiled all of the information you will need to know in order to correctly install and utilize multiple modems in one house, so be sure to read through to the end since some of the information you will learn may surprise you.

Can you have two modems in one house?

Yes, you are allowed to have two or even more modems in a single residence.

Many individuals rely entirely on the information provided by their internet service provider, and many are unaware that they do not need to use only their equipment in order to access the internet. 

Modems and routers are both examples of devices that fall under this category.

The majority of users can get by with just one modem, but others may demand extra devices and may question if it is really possible to do so.

Fortunately, we have all of the details, methods, and suggestions you’ll need to solve this problem, so keep reading.

Why is it a good idea to have multiple cable modems in one house?

Now that you are aware that it is possible to have more than one modem in your house, you are probably wondering why would it be necessary to have this type of network equipment installed.

While the vast majority of everyday internet users are satisfied with a single modem, there are those who prefer to install two or more for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are as follows:

1. Streaming

First and foremost, people who want additional bandwidth for internet streaming and gaming are the first to install a second modem in their homes. 

The reason for this is because they require the bandwidth to be allocated and accessible at all times. It is possible to use a different bandwidth from the rest of the family members when using two modems, ensuring that data transfer is always fast and reliable for them.

2. Security

Another extremely frequent reason for having two cable modems in one house is for security reasons.

Users may not feel comfortable sharing a single modem with guests and may take precautions to ensure that they are not able to view all of the data. 

This is especially true for homeowners who have developed smart-home plans and concepts and would want to have a different channel to operate their homes, such as a smartphone or tablet.

can you have two modems in one house

3. Enhanced bandwidth

If you are dissatisfied with the upload and download speeds provided by your internet service provider, you may double them when you set up two modems in one house.

Furthermore, you may even have two modems from two different internet service providers, with one of them configured as a failover option for the other. 

When a single internet connection is broken, the entire network switches to the second connection, which is more reliable.

There must be an additional router with two WAN ports so that the modems can be connected through it and the load balancing can be accomplished. In other words, you will have double the traffic pace and none of the devices will slow down the other device.

Pro tip: you can also use an LTE modem as a secondary failover option if you want to be extra safe. 

Despite the fact that they are more costly, they are more dependable and do not require a power source to function. This is fantastic if you are unable to access the internet due to a power outage.

4. Increase the Wi-Fi coverage

In other cases, individuals have larger homes and workplaces, and as a result, the Wi-Fi signal from a single modem does not reach all areas of the house or office. 

This is one of the reasons why it is beneficial to install a second modem in the desired place in order to improve the Wi-Fi signal.

While we agree that this is a possibility, there are many more straightforward alternatives, such as adding an extension or repeater to your network or even constructing a mesh to enhance the reach of the Wi-Fi signal, that are significantly more cost-effective.

How to connect two modems in the same house?

Knowing that you may use two modems in a single house and correctly installing them are two entirely different things. This is why it is critical that you carefully study the next few lines and become even more familiar with the subject matter.

how to connect two modems in one house

Connect using a splitter

A two-way splitter is used to connect two modems together.

The coaxial cable is sent to the splitter, where it is separated into two distinct bandwidths. Although it appears to be straightforward, it is important to note that each splitter reduces the signal received from your internet service provider by 3.5 decibels.

In fact, modems have a range within which they are most effective. If your internet connection is already on the edge of failure, installing a splitter might result in significant connectivity issues, and possibly a total loss of internet access.

Therefore, it is essential that you notify your internet service provider of your plans to install a second modem in your home. They will be able to determine whether the signal is powerful enough to pass through a splitter and, if necessary, they will be able to amplify it.

Another reason to notify your service provider is that certain providers do not allow consumers to have more than one modem at the same time. This option, like adding a new router, is dependent on the business policy and the terms of your contract.

If your service provider does not enable you to use this option, you can purchase a modem on your own and avoid having a technician from the service provider come to your home. While this is not the fairest solution, it is sometimes the only one available.

Connect using the bridge mode

Bridge mode is a mode that allows two modems to communicate with one another.

Some customers choose to utilize the second modem in bridge mode instead of the first modem. This is accomplished by using one modem as a router and the second modem in bridge mode or acting as if it were a cable.

This sort of connection between two modems is particularly popular among gamers since it allows them to connect to a server through one of the modems in question. 

This server is then made publicly available, and several players can connect to it at the same time. The private network, on the other hand, is entirely independent and protected from the internet.

two modems in one house

F. A. Q. 

Now that you know why some people would use two modems at the same time and how to connect them, let’s take a look at some of the most popular doubts people have about setting up two cable modems in one house.

Is it true that having two modems increases internet speed?

This is dependent on a variety of elements, as well as how you are employing your modems.

Some applications and online pages will upload material quicker and download it at higher speeds, but the vast majority of users will not notice any difference in performance. 

People who want to stream video on their computers may consider purchasing a second modem to ensure that their streaming speed is not influenced by the internet usage of other family members.

Is it possible to have two internet accounts in the same house?

Yes. It is possible to have two accounts with the same internet service provider or even two accounts with two separate internet service providers simultaneously. 

Both choices are feasible; the question is which one is superior. Most internet service providers will charge you twice as much if you have two accounts, even if they are in the same residence.

Having two separate internet service providers, on the other hand, maybe preferable since one of them can act as a secondary failover. In the event that the first provider’s connection is lost for any reason, you will have a backup provider.

Is it true that having two modems makes the internet slower?

That is dependent on the state of your connection at the time of the test. 

If you already had a connection with a signal that was on the verge of being too weak, adding another splitter might make things considerably worse. As a result, the new modem should be installed with caution and only if it is absolutely necessary.

Is it true that every internet service provider allows for the use of 2 modems in one house?

No, and as a result, the best course of action is to inquire about for information. 

If you are unable to discover the answer this way, you can always call customer service and inquire whether it is possible to increase the signal strength and/or add an additional modem to your network.

Is it necessary for me to have a second modem?

No, the vast majority of consumers are quite content with a single modem. 

Instead, we would advise our readers to invest in a router of their own. Despite the fact that many modems come with a router built-in, it is far preferable to have a separate router. Furthermore, this is a far less expensive alternative than purchasing a second modem.

Finally, installing a second modem to your house may be an exciting and innovative method to increase bandwidth while also providing load balancing and traffic distribution. 

Many demanding users consider this to be the greatest option for streaming and security, while others only want a single modem to access the internet network.

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