The Wireless Customer Is Not Available? 5 Quick Fixes

Have you noticed that the “wireless customer is not available” message pops up often when you try to reach your contacts?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the wireless customer has deleted their account or has blocked your calls. This message can often appear as a result of poor network coverage, network provider issues, or any other problem with the wireless service.

This guide will cover the troubleshooting process, which is often the most complex and time-consuming while offering the most effective solutions.

Why is the wireless customer not available?

Multiple factors can interfere with the connection when it comes to reaching the person you’re dialing or messaging. They don’t necessarily have to concern with your wireless carrier and service provider.

The “wireless customer is not available” message always has the same meaning, informing you that you cannot reach that contact.

However, the underlying issue that has triggered this kind of message isn’t always the same, so let’s go over potential scenarios.

No network coverage

One of the most common reasons you’re unable to reach a certain wireless number is that they’re in an area with poor or no network coverage. This kind of situation will affect the quality of the outgoing calls or block them completely, and you may even have trouble sending a text message.

You could also experience the same issue if the user you’re attempting to contact has set their phone to Do Not Disturb mode, which may be set to let through only phone calls from selected contacts.

Their mobile phone is turned off/not functioning.

Perhaps the contact you’re trying to reach has turned off their device temporarily, or their battery is too low.

You will also receive the message that the wireless customer is unavailable if their mobile phone is not functioning, whether it is broken or corrupted, or they’ve removed the SIM card from the cell phone.

Remember that the user may have forgotten or failed to pay their cell phone bill so the network provider may have disconnected their line.

The recipient has blocked your number.

In case you cannot reach a certain number for hours or even days, it could be that they’ve blocked calls and messages from your number.

Like you can choose to block someone from your contact list, you can also end up blocking someone accidentally when editing your contacts. In this case, it is possible that you’ve blocked this person, or they’ve blocked you, which makes it impossible for both parties to get the call through. 

Power outage

Have you recently experienced a power outage in your home or area? If you haven’t, perhaps the person you’re trying to call has.

A power outage compromises the network coverage and the signal, making it hard for phone calls and messages to go through. 

How to fix the wireless customer is not available.

Sometimes it will be hard to determine why the person you’re trying to reach is unavailable. However, with these methods, you may be able to get some answers and contact this person.

1. Try leaving a message

If you keep getting the “wireless customer is not available” message when trying to make a call, you could try leaving a message instead. If the user has a voice message service set up, you can leave a quick voice message letting them know that you’ve been trying to reach them.

You could also send an SMS informing this person about their unavailable. However, most people use messaging apps and social media networks such as Viber, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to contact their friends.

Since these platforms require nothing but an internet connection for a chat or a call, you could try reaching this contact via the internet. This will only work if the user has an internet connection on their cell phone (WiFi or mobile data) and they have an account on that platform.

2. Try again later

The issue you’re experiencing is probably nothing but a temporary delay. In this case, the “wireless customer is not available” message should not persist for more than a few hours.

Suppose the problem doesn’t go away after a few hours. In that case, you can always contact customer service and get more information on any outages, power surges, or network issues in the area.

Remember that the outage may have also happened in the contact area you’re trying to reach

3. Check your block list

You may have accidentally blocked this contact, or you blocked them on purpose a long time ago and have forgotten all about it.

To check your block list on your iPhone, launch the Contacts app. Find the contact you were trying to call and open this contact.

Scroll down, where you should see the Unblock This Caller option. Select this option, and try calling the contact again.

If you’re using an Android phone, you will need to launch the Phone app, select More, and navigate to Settings and Blocked numbers to see your block list. If the contact you were trying to reach is on this list, choose their number, tap on Clear, and then select Unblock.

On the other hand, if your number is blocked on the recipient’s phone, all you can do is try to reach them through social media and messaging platforms. 

4. Check your SIM card placement

If you’ve recently taken out your SIM card or dropped your phone, it is possible that your SIM card isn’t correctly positioned in your phone, which will affect any outgoing calls and text messages.

Not only will you not be able to make calls, but the users trying to reach you may also hear the “wireless customer is not available” message.

Using a SIM ejector tool or a paper clip, pull out the SIM card tray and remove it. Please wait a few seconds before you reinsert the SIM card the way it is displayed on the card and the tray itself.

5. Restart your phone

If you suspect the problem is on your end and has nothing to do with the recipient, you may try to restart your phone and see if that makes any difference. Restarting your phone can remove any minor software bugs that may have affected your outgoing calls and signal.

To restart your iPhone, press and hold the volume or side key until you see a slider on the screen. Once you drag the slider over the way it is displayed, your phone will turn off.

Wait a couple of seconds until you turn the phone back on by pressing and holding the side button until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

You can restart your Android phone by holding the power button until the menu appears. Some models will offer the Restart option, but select Power Off if it isn’t available.

If there is a Restart option, there’s no need to manually turn the phone back on, as this happens automatically. If you’ve turned off the phone, you will need to press and hold the power button on the side of your phone until it turns on again.

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