9 Ways To Fix A SteelSeries Mouse Double Clicking

SteelSeries mice aren’t exempt from common mouse problems, regardless of their price. Given enough time and usage, any mouse has its fair share of problems, and it’s completely normal. However, when it comes to gaming mice, it can be a very frustrating issue.

If your SteelSeries mouse double-clicks out of the blue, you may face a simple hardware or software issue. Sometimes, it’s enough to just simply replug your device. Things are a bit more complex in other cases, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Why is my SteelSeries mouse double-clicking?

One of the most common reasons why your mouse is double-clicking randomly is mainly related to its microswitch. It can be either worn out or has suffered some damage. Sometimes, a  software bug can also be the reason.

If you have a SteelSeries mouse double-clicking from time to time, here are the nine most common causes and related ways to fix them.

1. Configuration issues

One possible reason why your SteelSeries mouse is double-clicking without your consent is due to some software issues. If you use the SteelSeries Engine, your mouses’ rest timer may be set to below 100ms in the settings.

If this is the case, the weight of your finger on the mouse button can end up double-clicking or performing many clicks randomly. If this is happening while you play games, check out this article about mouse stuttering in games that might help you.

2. Wrong mouse settings

Your mouse might be double-clicking due to some incorrect settings on your OS. You might have some settings in your Windows mouse options that result in double-clicking, or you might have some auto-clicking programs installed that interfere with your mouse.

3. Outdated drivers

Gaming mice, especially the newer ones, might have some double-clicking issues if you have outdated mouse drivers. Any outdated software can interfere with your mouse, keyboard, even the DPI sensor.

Anything can be affected by outdated software in countless unpredictable ways, so if you have outdated drivers, it is most likely the reason why your SteelSeries mouse is double-clicking when you don’t want it to.

4. A simple bug

Sometimes, mice double-clicking issues come because of connectivity issues. Although rare but very frustrating, this problem is easily solved. It isn’t clear why these rare bugs happen; however, it takes less than 5 seconds to solve it.

If you believe USB ports might be at fault, check out this article about the signs of faulty USB ports and what you can do to fix them.

5. Faulty SteelSeries engine

If you have ruled out most hardware issues that might make your SteelSeries mouse double-click, then it is most likely a software issue caused by the SteelSeries Engine.

You may have installed a glitchy patch, or the software itself suffered some bugging issues, which resulted in your double-clicking problems.

6. Damaged mouse

If your mouse ends up double-clicking randomly or continuously, then it might have suffered some damage. Children, house pets, can easily play around and push your mouse off the table.

Depending on the height, the fall can be enough to do some internal damage, which can result in double-clicking issues after. If it’s not a fall, then someone pulling the mouse left click, right click, or other mouse buttons might provoke some problems later on.

7. Stuck objects

Though some computer mice are designed to be ergonomic, such designs might have some flaws from time to time. For example, many mice have various spaces where dust can accumulate.

Sometimes, even small objects might enter through these spots while you carry your mouse in a backpack, for example. These tiny objects or dust accumulation might create some problems.

Your SteelSeries mouse might double-click randomly because it might have some small foreign objects stuck into it, or dust particles might be affecting the circuit.

8. Worn out microswitch

A defective mouse micro switch is usually the cause for random mouse double-clicking issues when all the other factors are ruled out.

These microswitches are usually worn out after a couple of years, and when they no longer function, clicking problems begin.

9. Faulty product

The last thing you should consider when your SteelSeries mouse is double-clicking is a faulty product. If none of the above indicators are at fault, then it is clear that you are dealing with a defective product from the get-go.

How to fix a double-clicking SteelSeries mouse?

As you can see, there could be many reasons why your SteelSeries mouse is double-clicking. There are so many software issues that might cause this, as well as hardware issues. After you have determined the cause, we can move on to the solutions.

Here is how you can fix both software and hardware issues that make your SteelSeries mouse double-click randomly!

1. Change engine settings

If your SteelSeries mouse is double-clicking randomly, the first thing you should do is to check the SteelSeries engine settings. If you don’t have this software, install it from the official site and check if the problem is gone.

If you already have the SteelSeries engine software, launch the application and access the configuration settings. Now it’s time to fix the double-click issue.

Click on the Actions tab and then on button 1, opening yet another tab. At the bottom of the new tab you will find the “play once” setting; change it to “Play N times.” After this, you need to add a delay of 200ms to the action.

You insert this value into the rest timer on the bottom of the tab. Save your settings and check to see if the double-clicking persists. A value of below 100ms on the rest timer usually results in double-clicking issues.

2. Configure mouse settings or third-party software

Some mouse settings can interfere with your daily activities. For example, you may have installed a third-party auto-clicking app for games. Everything eventually has a price, and some of these third-party apps might be defective or intentionally break down, so you have to pay to use them.

Go to your third-party auto-clicking software and check out the settings. See if anything looks suspicious, including DPI settings. Change them according to your needs, or deactivate the program entirely

You can also uninstall these third-party programs. Go to Start>Settings>Apps & Features and uninstall them this way.

If you don’t use third-party auto clicking software, then check your mouse OS settings. Click on Start, type “mouse,” and click on Mouse Settings.

Here, you can use the “Troubleshooting my mouse” command or just give a quick look at your mouse settings and see if everything is ordinary.

Go to the Additional Mouse Options tab, and also check your Touchpad settings, if you use a laptop. You should immediately identify the problem if something is out of the ordinary.

3. Unplug and replug the mouse

If your SteelSeries mouse begins double-clicking randomly, it might be just a simple bug issue.

To solve this, you need to unplug your mouse and then perform many clicks randomly, even pressing the programmable buttons, everything, for about 30 seconds or so.

Plug your mouse back into your computer and check to see if the problem persists. If your mouse randomly stops working, check out this article about how to fix it and why it happens.

4. Reinstall SteelSeries engine

If there aren’t any hardware issues that might cause your double-clicking mouse problems, then you might need to reinstall your SteelSeries engine on your PC. Remove the SSE program by going to Start>Settings>Apps. 

Look for the software and uninstall it. You should also uninstall the drivers and remove any configurations related to the SteelSeries mouse on your PC. Go to Start, and type Device Manager.

Click on Device Manager, and then select Human Interface Devices. Right-click on the mouse drivers and click uninstall. Now, unplug your mouse from your PC, and reboot your computer. Windows will automatically install the drivers, but remember to plug your mouse back in once it’s done booting.

Check to see if the double-clicking issue persists. Download the official SteelSeries engine software from their main website. You can also use a script to get rid of the double-clicking issues. 

With an active script, the random double click from your mouse won’t send the signals to your Windows. Search for an online mouse script or go to GitHub to get one, and get rid of your double-clicking issues.

5. Open up mouse

Sometimes, a partial disassembly might fix your double-clicking issues. Watch online videos about your specific mouse and how to disassemble it properly. Usually, you will only need a small screwdriver, and you will have to find the screw holes which are on the bottom.

Some pieces of plastic might hide those screw holes, but whatever you do, proceed with caution as other locking mechanisms might exist. They will easily snap if you force the mouse open.

Once you have disassembled your mouse, check for any signs of damage, especially around the scroll wheel and the right click/left click buttons.

Carefully reassemble your mouse and plug it back into your PC after you are done. Check to see if the double-clicking issue persists.

6. Check updates

Both mouse driver or OS updates can cause some unexpected problems for your mouse, keyboard, headphones, anything! To check your mouse drivers, go to Start, type Device Manager, click on Device Manager, and go to Mice and other pointing devices.

Right-click on them and either uninstall or select Update. If you select uninstall, reboot your PC. Windows will automatically install the latest driver updates. To check for any OS updates, go to Start>Settings>Update & Security. 

Let your Windows do its thing, and reboot your PC afterward. See if the double-clicking issue on your SteelSeries mouse is still there.

7. Clean the mouse

Foreign tiny objects or dust accumulation might create some problems, such as clicking issues on your mouse. You should properly clean your mouse with a cloth, cotton swab, compressed air, and Isopropyl alcohol.

Disassemble your mouse to check for foreign objects first. Remove them if they are present. Dip the cloth just a bit on the Isopropyl alcohol or the cleaning product that you use, and gently wipe your mouse.

Clean the DPI sensor, buttons, wheel, and use the compressed air can in short bursts in the openings of the mouse to remove possible dust accumulation. Wipe your mouse clean and wait for it to dry up.

Plug back your mouse in your PC, and check to see if the double-clicking issues are still present.

If you use electrical tape to improve your drag clicking in games and your speed, remove the electrical tape right away. It will damage your mouse in time, and research pointed out that drag clicks might harm your health.

8. Check microswitch

To check your microswitch and solve your double-clicking problems, you need to open your mouse. Find the microswitch, open it, and bend just a little bit the metal spring mechanism. The microswitch is usually the number one culprit for hardware double-clicking problems on your mouse.

They will get worn out in time, but you can slightly adjust them back. If you still face double-clicking issues by bending the metal spring mechanism, you need to replace your microswitch.

9. Replace the mouse or contact support center

If you don’t want to replace your microswitch, you can still call the official SteelSeries mouse customer support and ask for help. If you have a warranty, take your mouse to service and get it fixed up.

If you don’t want to spend money on service, and all of the above tips didn’t help you, then you might need to completely replace your SteelSeries mouse. Switch your old mouse with a new one and eliminate the double-clicking issues.

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