Stadia Controller Blinking Orange? Here’s How to Easily Fix It

The last thing you need as you’re enjoying your gaming session is for your Google Stadia controller to become unresponsive, and this is usually what happens when you notice a blinking orange status light.

If your linked controller is flashing orange, and you’re also unable to play Stadia games using it, the orange light usually points to a connectivity issue or a technical issue with your controller or the Google Stadia system.

In this guide, we will talk about troubleshooting your Stadia game controller, as well as the best methods to solve this issue.

Why is your Stadia controller blinking orange?

Google Stadia is a gaming service that is essentially every gamer’s dream. What makes it so special is that it is a cloud service, which means that your favorite Stadia and non-Stadia PC games aren’t stored on your devices.

The service also allows you to play video games on different devices, including your phone, Apple TV, and PC/laptop.

The Google Stadia controller is connected to your WiFi network and not to the device, which makes the controls much smoother and faster and allows you to truly enjoy your video games without any delays.

But, what happens when your Stadia controller starts blinking orange? Let’s discuss some of the most common errors a flashing orange light could point to.


While the Google Stadia system works with multiple devices, including your mobile device, TV, and PC or laptop, you still have to check if it is compatible with the brands and browsers you’re using.

Google Stadia is generally compatible with PC, Mac, and Chromebooks, and you can play the games through Google Chrome.

When it comes to Smart TV models, you can find it on many models that have Android TV, including Sony, Phillips, Hisense, and LG.

Needless to say, Google Stadia is compatible with all Google platforms, including Google Chromecast Ultra, as well as Chromecast with Google TV.

Keep in mind that the orange flashing light may also signify that the system isn’t compatible with your mobile device. While Stadia is generally compatible with both Android and iOS, certain models may experience bugs and delays.

Unstable WiFi connection

If your WiFi network isn’t offering a stable connection, this could be the reason why your Stadia controller is blinking orange.

As we’ve mentioned, the controller isn’t connected to your devices, but to your WiFi network. If the WiFi signal is compromised for some reason, this will affect the controller and cause delays and glitches in your video games

Other devices are interfering

In case you’re using a WiFi connection for your Stadia controller, it may not be able to function properly during your gaming session because the WiFi network is overloaded.

If you’re connecting the controller via Bluetooth, other Bluetooth-connected devices may interfere with the Stadia system, as well. 

How to fix a Stadia controller blinking orange

Luckily, the most common issues concerning your Google Stadia controller can be solved quickly and permanently. Keep on reading to find out how!

1. Make sure that your devices are compatible

While Google Stadia is compatible with most mobile devices and Smart TV models, it could be that your particular system or device is causing compatibility issues.

Make sure that you’re using the Google Chrome browser, and that your mobile device or TV device isn’t on the list of non-supported devices

2. Ensure a stable WiFi connection

Since your Stadia controller is connected via WiFi and not directly to the device, a blinking orange light could signify a WiFi connection issue.

Make sure that your WiFi network isn’t overloaded with too many devices, as this could result in a poor WiFi signal. Having too many connected devices will definitely affect the quality of the WiFi connection, as well as your gaming experience.

You may also need to restart your router or modem, contact customer support, or troubleshoot your internet system to check for any issues.

3. Change the device for initial setup

In case your Stadia controller isn’t working with one of your devices, try performing the initial setup with another mobile device, TV, PC, laptop, or tablet.

All you need to do is download and install the Google Stadia app, then follow through with the setup process. If the controller is functioning with another device, the problem is in the device you initially tried to use, not in the Stadia controller or system. 

4. Perform the necessary updates

In order to start the Stadia system and use the controller, it is necessary to update your devices and ensure that you’re running on the latest operating system or software. 

Outdated software and systems may not be compatible with the Stadia system, or they may cause bugs and glitches that will result in connectivity issues or an overall bad gaming experience.

5. Check the USB connection

In case you’re connecting your Stadia controller via the USB connection and not WiFi, it is necessary to troubleshoot the USB system.

Unplug the USB cable from the controller and check for any visible defects. If there are no signs of damage, plug it back in, making sure that the connection is tight.

Check the USB ports in the controller and your device and remove any blockages. You can also try inserting the USB cable into another port. 

If the USB connection is still not working, the problem may be in the cable itself. Try replacing it with a higher-quality cable, especially if it is damaged or worn out.

6. Check the Bluetooth connection

The problem may also be in the Bluetooth connection if this is how you’ve tried to connect your controller to your device.

The first step is to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled both on the controller and the device. Also, enable all permissions on the Stadia app, but if this doesn’t work, you may have to turn on the Bluetooth manually on your device.

If the Stadia controller is undiscoverable, try restarting it. Simply press and hold the Stadia button on your controller and wait for it to turn off. Now, press and hold the button until the controller vibrates, and this should make it discoverable. 

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