Avast Causing Problems With Outlook: 8 Ways to Fix It

avast causing problems with outlook

An important part of Avast security is its ability to check your email for malicious attachments and links through its Mail Shield module.  What’s even more convenient is that even if you don’t have the standalone version of the software, there is a plugin called Avast Add-in that interfaces directly with the Outlook software to ensure … Read more

Avast Blocking Overwatch: What It Means and 6 Ways to Fix It

avast blocking overwatch

Overwatch is Activision Blizzard’s newest franchise and made waves on its initial release for offering that fun, team-based reactive shooter that brought many back to the good old days of Team Fortress 2. Because it’s a primarily online game that both runs through a launcher and requires its own anti-cheat system, it’s also been the … Read more

Avast Blocking Steam: What It Means and 5 Ways to Fix It

avast blocking steam

Out of all the video game platforms out there, Steam is the most commonly used by a considerable amount.  It’s the most feature-complete and robust, offering an in-depth review system, in-game overlays, rich community sections, and, for some games, a fully functional workshop allowing you to mod games without any third-party software. Of course, the … Read more

Avast Chest vs Delete: 8 Differences You Need to Know

avast chest vs delete

Avast Antivirus is one of the most popular computer protection software suites around, and for good reason!  Not only does it offer an incredibly robust free option that has up-to-date spyware and malware databases, but the premium version comes with a slew of extra tools to help keep your computer safe. One area that can … Read more

Avast Firewall Blocking Network Share: 8 Easy Ways to Fix It

avast firewall blocking network share

Avast Firewall is designed to be a more robust PC protection system than the default Windows Defender. It can monitor all the traffic going both into and out of your computer’s network and interject should any unknown or unwanted communications/intrusions take place. It’s a very hands-off software requiring minimal input from you as a user, … Read more

Avast Full Virus Scan Stuck: 6 Ways to Easily Fix It

avast full virus scan stuck

Avast antivirus software has a few different options you can use to scan your computer for malicious malware and hook it out before it has any chance to affect your PC.  These range from faster “quick scans” that will skim over recently downloaded and edited files and give you a fast result, which is usually … Read more

Avast User Interface Blank: Meaning & 7 Ways to Fix It

avast user interface blank

Avast Antivirus is one of the most popular anti-virus and anti-malware software suites around. They offer a great free option, making the software a go-to for many users who don’t want to pay for more premium anti-virus programs. By and large, the software works well and utilizes a simple GUI (graphical user interface) to ensure … Read more

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