Self2WAN ICMP Type B Detected: 5 Ways To Easily Fix It

The internet is a fantastic world full of possibilities, and it is one of the greatest locations to store and exchange information. However, it is not the safest location because there are continual attacks on your personal information and devices.

These assaults occur in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the majority of your data is properly secured by a firewall and antivirus software. However, this does not prevent warnings like Self2WAN ICMP Type B Detected! from appearing and potentially bothering you.

What Is Self2WAN ICMP Type B Detected?

This warning will show from time to time in your router’s log. While it may appear to be cause for concern, it is the opposite. The note in your router log displays only if the router is successfully protecting your data and devices.

Self2WAN ICMP Type B Detected! will be recorded in the log if the router detects suspicious behavior and stops the attack using the integrated firewalls.

Malicious malware and third-party apps are attempting to get access to your router and data. It is typically nothing personal, but rather software that scans hundreds of IP addresses for an entrance point.

When your router detects such assaults, it “goes silent” or does not reply to them, making it impossible to connect with the network and penetrate the system.

So, while this warning is not causing concern in the first place, it may cause you to reconsider all of the security features on your network, modem, and internet devices such as your desktop or laptop.

This is one of the reasons we will investigate all there is to know about this message and how to fix it.

How To Fix Self2WAN ICMP Type B Detected?

As we’ve mentioned, this statement in your router’s log indicates that nothing has to be repaired because the attempt was successfully blocked

While this message appears from time to time and is usually nothing worth losing sleep over, the attacks might become daily. If the software detects a vulnerability in your system, you might easily become a target. This complicates matters on multiple levels.

There are a few things to consider if you see the self2wan ICMP  type B message:

1. Update Your Router

When it comes to online security, one of the most crucial factors to consider is updates. Now and then, an upgraded version of your router is released, and you must have the most recent version.

Since new menaces are discovered regularly and hackers are always devising new ways to infiltrate your system and compromise your privacy, the struggle is never-ending.

Firewalls and routers must be upgraded to keep up with the assaults and be able to identify and stop them as needed.

This is especially true if you encounter this notice frequently and require more protection. Because the malware is designed to detect weak points in the defense, you may occasionally grab the attacker’s attention and become an intriguing target.

2. Update the antivirus software

While we are on the subject of upgrading, you should also keep your antivirus software up to date. This is frequently done automatically, but remember to check for updated versions regularly. 

This will increase the security of your network and make internet browsing safer.

The antivirus must be kept up to date in order to identify and block any assaults on your device.

3. Reboot the Router

Rebooting the router is one of those suggestions you will hear every time you have an internet problem, and that’s because it actually may fix a variety of issues.

Although the self2wan ICMP type B message is not a cause for concern, you can restart or reboot your router to address the matter.

Make sure you disconnect it for more than 30 seconds and give it some time to reconnect when you turn it back on.

This will ensure a proper internet connection as well as the activation of all firewalls required for the best potential defense of your system.

4. Examine the Firewall Configuration

Firewalls are the first line of defense for your network and devices, so they deserve special attention. When it comes to firewalls, there are two things to remember: keep them enabled and updated at all times.

Although it is possible to turn them off, disabling your firewalls is not recommended since it might destroy your entire network. Some apps may even request that firewalls be disabled, which should be seen as a major red flag and should not be permitted.

Furthermore, there are many types of firewalls available, and the most essential thing is to keep them all up to date. This will give you the best protection and ensure that your internet browsing is as safe and enjoyable as it should be.

Additionally, firewalls prevent from revealing router’s activity and thus keep them safe from intruders on the network.

5. Change the IP Address

Because the message in your router is dependent on your own unique IP address, you may need to change it. If you observe assaults being deferred from your router on a regular basis, and the attackers are persistent, your internet connection may get slower.

Because the router is working so hard to prevent any network assaults, the connection may be less than optimum. The only way to fix this is to change the IP address.

You cannot do this on your own, but if you call your internet provider and explain your circumstances, you may be able to obtain a different IP address.

What Should You Know About Your Router?

A router is a type of networking equipment that routes data packets between computer networks. While there are many various types of routers available, they all work on the same basic concept.

Among other things, your router ensures that uninvited guests are not permitted on the network. All of this is accomplished through protocols and software, which we will go over in detail.


The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is a network layer protocol that your router uses to troubleshoot network communication problems. 

This is one of the most critical components of any router since it not only detects and tracks potentially harmful actions but also defers attacks on your network.


Ping is a computer network management software application that is used to verify a host’s reachability on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. 

When a ping is sent to a device, it is anticipated to get a response, allowing hackers to utilize it while searching for potential entry points in your network.

Port Scan

Port scanning is a technique for testing which ports are available for communication and is frequently used to find access points in your network. 

While the first purpose of Port scanners was to test network vulnerabilities, it is currently used to identify weak ports and potentially damage your data.

As you can see, the router functions on several ports and only permits information and packages from well-known sources to get through. However, this does not prevent possible viruses and hackers from attempting to infiltrate your network.

This is why every router is outfitted with the most recent firewall versions, making it nearly impossible for anybody to break in.

Tips To Improve Your Router Performances

Given that the phrase self2wan will be displayed in your router’s log, here are some more expert suggestions to aid you along the road.


When it comes to internet security, one of the most important things to remember is to keep your firmware up to date. Your router’s manufacturer will supply you with regular updates.

This will just take a few minutes, and the program will do the majority of the duties automatically. All you have to do is check and update your firmware on a regular basis.


Placing your router in the right spot is critical if you want a reliable and fast internet connection. While most people prefer to conceal these devices under the TV or behind some books on the shelf, this is the incorrect approach. 

Always place the router higher and away from all other devices for the best possible internet connection and Wi-Fi signal.

This ensures that there are no obstructions in the way of the signal, allowing it to move quickly throughout your home and potentially cover a larger region.

Automatic Restarts

As previously said, resetting or rebooting your router can address a variety of internet connection issues. It is convenient that these restarts are now customizable, allowing you to schedule them ahead of time.

This will allow your system to restart and reconnect to the network without you having to worry about it.

Replace the Antenna

Different routers have different antennas, and in some situations, more than one. Because the antenna is the primary signal transmitter, you should consider replacing it or purchasing a router with multiple antennas.

Some antennas broadcast the signal in all directions, while others only to the region indicated by the antenna. Before you proceed with your purchase, make sure you have all the necessary information in order to make the best out of your investment. 

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