Netgear AC1750 Wi-Fi Not Working: 7 Easy Ways To Fix It

netgear ac1750 wifi not working

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is the preferred method of connection for most people since it is quick and fast, and it eliminates the need to run several wires around your home.  However, even the greatest Wi-Fi internet connections, such as those provided by Netgear, are not without their flaws. If you have a Netgear Wi-Fi problem, we will … Read more

Only Google and YouTube Work: 8 Ways To Fix It Forever

only google and youtube work

If you’re attempting to complete some vital job on the internet or even just enjoy a simple gaming session, but you’re unable to connect and only Google and YouTube work, you may be left dissatisfied and wondering what occurred. We’re here today to help you learn everything you need to know about this problem, as … Read more

Random Ping Spikes: 9 Ways To Stop Them Forever

random ping spikes

The expectation of a fast and dependable internet connection has become commonplace, and when we see random ping spikes, we are frequently dissatisfied. There’s a solid explanation behind this.  In addition to causing latency and issues with your regular browsing, ping spikes can create problems with more essential activities such as business video calls or … Read more

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