Razer Blackshark V2 Mic Not Working: 9 Easy Ways To Fix It

razer blackshark v2 mic not working

The Razer Balckshark V2 is an excellent headset that comes with a detachable microphone. An excellent product for live streaming, playing video games, listening to music, ebooks, or just in video conferences. However, when your Razer Blackshark V2 mic is not working anymore, all the fun ends abruptly. Nothing is more frustrating than being left … Read more

Chromebook Microphone Not Working: 13 Ways To Easily Fix It

chromebook microphone not working

Chromebooks are pretty affordable than most Windows laptops, and many people use them for school or business purposes. Some Chromebooks have their own internal microphones, while others require you to install an external one. However, sometimes your Chromebook microphone might not work, which can lead to serious delays in work or meetings. To fix this … Read more

9 Ways To Fix A SteelSeries Mouse Double Clicking

steelseries mouse double clicking

SteelSeries mice aren’t exempt from common mouse problems, regardless of their price. Given enough time and usage, any mouse has its fair share of problems, and it’s completely normal. However, when it comes to gaming mice, it can be a very frustrating issue. If your SteelSeries mouse double-clicks out of the blue, you may face … Read more

Computer Smells Like Burning? 6 Ways To Fix It Quickly

computer smells like burning

We all know that unpleasant plastic scent that comes with every new appliance or electronic item we purchase, and that smells a little like something is burning. However, after a few weeks, you shouldn’t even be able to notice it anymore, as it should completely vanish. If this is not the case with your computer … Read more

PC Fan Making Rattling Noise? 11 Ways To Fix It Forever

pc fan making rattling noise

Having a loud PC fan isn’t just incredibly annoying and distracting, but it can also make you quite stressed if you don’t know what’s causing this noise.  Whether it happens every now and then, or it’s a recurring event, this rattling sound can be rather unsettling.  In most cases, a PC fan making a rattling … Read more

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