Ethernet Lag Spikes: 9 Ways To Easily Fix It

ethernet lag spikes

Fast and dependable internet access is essential nowadays, especially when you have a crucial job to complete or like to unwind with some gaming sessions. In any case, an ethernet cable is used to build the greatest possible internet connection. However, even the cable connection might fail and cause lag spikes. This may be quite … Read more

Cox Internet Slow At Night: 7 Ways To Fix It

cox internet slow at night

Internet is used not just for work and education, but also for pleasure and amusement, providing us with much-needed downtime and enjoyment. When we’re watching a show or movie, one of the worst things that can happen is to have a video that keeps buffering because of a poor internet connection. In fact, even though … Read more

Cox Router Blinking Orange: 5 Ways To Easily Fix It

cox router blinking orange

A consistent and fast internet connection is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lives and companies.  We frequently take all of the equipment required for operational connectivity for granted, and as a result, we do not even notice certain lights until they change color. This is one of the reasons for today’s post, as … Read more

Comcast DNS vs Google DNS: Which One Is Better?

comcast dns vs google dns

While most internet service providers offer adequate DNS servers, they are not the only options on the market. Many people are unaware that certain DNS servers are available, free, and sometimes even better than the ones provided by their ISP. But how do you select the right one to improve your internet speed and connection? … Read more

Can’t Connect To Internet Without VPN: 4 Ways To Fix It

can't connect to internet without vpn

Internet access is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives and companies, and there is nothing worse than an inconsistent connection that prevents you from browsing and doing your job. While there are several causes for a bad internet connection, users frequently experience the issue where they can’t connect to the internet without a VPN. Many … Read more

Fw.ipv6 Forward Drop: 5 Ways To Easily Fix It

fw.ipv6 forward drop

Many people rely on a consistent and fast internet connection, and while most internet provider services give the best speed and data transfer, there may be some issues. When an internet connection slows or even disconnects, most users are left wondering what is causing the problem. If you are able, check the event logs on … Read more

Failure! Please check your inputs: 6 Way To Easily Fix It

failure! please check your inputs.

When you are attempting to configure your port forwarding and the message “Failure! Please check your inputs” shows up; there are a few things to consider. While such mistakes are not uncommon, they can be frustrating to encounter. Why? Because there is no other explanation for what went wrong or how to correct it. This … Read more

Invalid Range of Ports: 6 Ways to Easily Fix It

invalid range of ports

If you try to make services on a host on a protected or internal network available to hosts on the other side of the gateway or external network, you may receive an error notice that says: incorrect range of ports. This indicates that the port forwarding is not working, and there might be several causes … Read more

Self2WAN ICMP Type B Detected: 5 Ways To Easily Fix It

self2wan icmp type b detected!

The internet is a fantastic world full of possibilities, and it is one of the greatest locations to store and exchange information. However, it is not the safest location because there are continual attacks on your personal information and devices. These assaults occur in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the majority of your … Read more Protection Status
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