ARGB vs RGB: The 3 Differences You Need to Know

argb vs rgb

If you’re a passionate gamer, you already know that even the most minor details could improve your gaming experience, and LED lighting is undoubtedly one of them. In case you’re torn between ARGB lighting and standard RGB lighting, you’ve come to the right place, as we will define both options and then compare the essential … Read more

CL18 vs CL16: The 5 Differences You Should Know

cl18 vs cl16

Every gamer knows that the secret behind the good performance of any PC lies in Random Access Memory, more commonly referred to simply as RAM. The overall system performance largely depends on this temporary memory responsible for managing the computer applications and processes. While it is clear that you should invest in RAM for maximum … Read more

How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop: Step-by-Step Guide

how to connect airpods to dell laptop

Apple’s AirPods are one of the most popular Bluetooth in-ear headsets around. With their effort to move away from the traditional 8’’ input jack on their phones, more and more people have opted for these convenient Bluetooth devices. But we don’t always want to connect them with our phone or other dedicated Apple device. Fortunately, … Read more

Lenovo Microphone Not Working: 6 Easy Ways to Fix It

lenovo microphone not working

Lenovo’s laptop microphones are at the screen’s top center, right next to the webcam. This allows you to participate in zoom calls, meetings, or chat with family and friends at a moment’s notice without needing external peripherals. Because of this, many users of Lenovo laptops won’t bother carrying an external microphone around. What’s the point … Read more

Keyboard Double Pressing Keys? 9 Easy Ways to Fix It

keyboard double pressing keys

For anyone who needs to type a lot on their computer, a keyboard randomly doubling up keystrokes can make typing incredibly difficult, as you constantly need to go back and fix up mistakes. This takes time and breaks your focus. Fortunately, this can often be something as simple as a few crumbs lodged in the … Read more

Dell Laptop Blinking Orange: 7 Ways to Fix It Forever

dell laptop blinking orange light

Dell offers some of the best productivity laptops thanks to their consumer-friendly price and sleek design, all while packing enough power to accommodate the most demanding working professionals. Many users, such as students or office workers who are on the go a lot, will often take their Dell laptops with them and, as such, rely … Read more

Oculus Quest 2 No Command: Meaning and 5 Ways to Fix It

oculus quest 2 no command

When Facebook Reality Labs released the sequel to the already quite successful Oculus Quest, the Quest 2 quickly became one of the most accessible and affordable VR (virtual reality) headsets. This was thanks to its robust hardware, which packs a lot of punch for its comparatively cheap price tag. Its minimalist design, good battery life, and … Read more Protection Status