Orbi Blinking White: Here’s What It Means and How to Fix It

Orbi is generally known for its reliable satellite internet connection and the modem and router Orbi WiFi system that rarely comes across more significant challenges.

When it comes to a blinking white light on your Orbi router, it usually signifies a connectivity issue that stems from a few different problems.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at the white light issue, explaining what factors could be causing connection issues while also offering the quickest, easiest, yet most effective ways to establish a stable connection again.

Why is your Orbi blinking white?

The Netgear Orbi router provides a high-quality wireless connection and is a single network system that will cover the entire house. As opposed to the WiFi extender that only repeats your router’s signal and expands its range, an Orbi router is all you need to have stable WiFi in all parts of your home.

In addition to a blinking white light on your Orbi Pro, you could also notice other colors of the LED light indicator, which all have different meanings.

First and foremost, a solid green light on your Orbi system means that there are currently no connection issues, and both the Orbi router and the satellite are turned on.

On the other hand, a solid amber light will notify you that the router is currently rebooting, whether you’ve just turned it back on or undergone an Orbi firmware update.

If the amber LED light on your Orbi system is pulsing, this usually means that the Netgear Orbi router should be reset to factory settings to avoid a poor connection.

A blinking red light usually indicates a problem on behalf of the network, while a flashing magenta light can indicate that a router cannot get the IP address from the modem or the ISP or that there is a WAN port issue.

A blinking white light on your Netgear Orbi WiFi router usually indicates an Orbi firmware update. In contrast, a solid white light usually means the system is powering up.

However, there are specific issues that the white light on your Orbi system could be pointing to, especially if you’ve been experiencing a poor WiFi signal.

Outdated/corrupted firmware

One of the possible issues behind a flashing white light on your Orbi system is outdated or corrupted Orbi firmware.

If you’ve missed some critical Orbi software updates or accidentally rejected them, the system may not have the resources to resolve the software bugs.

Also, downloading the firmware from random, unofficial sources can lead to many issues in your Orbi system, which will also not get the necessary firmware updates.

A blinking white light may also inform you that there has been an error in the updating or rebooting process of the Orbi system.

No power supply

Another possible issue behind the white light on your Orbi system is that the router isn’t getting enough power.

This issue may arise due to disconnected/poorly connected or damaged power cables and faulty, malfunctioning power outlets.

Any power surges and electrical issues in your home or area will also influence the functioning of your Orbi WiFi system. 

How to fix Orbi blinking white

A few methods have been shown to yield great results when it comes to re-establishing a proper WiFi signal and getting rid of that annoying flashing white light on your Orbi.

1. Do a power cycle

A power cycle, also known as a soft or simple restart, is a method many users use when solving more straightforward, more minor problems and software bugs.

All you need to do is turn off the Orbi system and unplug everything from its power source. It is recommended to wait at least 4-5 minutes before you plug everything back in and reboot the system.

Remember that once it reboots, the system may go straight into the updating process, so allow it to reboot and update before rechecking the connection entirely

2. Check the connection between the router and the satellite

Yet another possibility is that something has disrupted the relationship between the router and the satellite. If this is the case, you’ll be able to solve the white light issue by simply re-syncing the two!

The router and the satellite must be turned on for this method to work and receive power. To start the syncing, press the Sync button on the Orbi router.

Wait a few minutes, and then press the same button on the satellite, which will trigger the syncing process. You may wonder how you will know if this method worked and if the syncing of the router and the satellite was successful.

Once again, the color of the light indicator will inform you of the status of your connection. An amber light means that the devices are too far apart, and you should position them closer for the sync to work.

A magenta light that persists means that the sync wasn’t successful and that you should try again until you notice a solid blue light, which is a sign that the devices are now in sync.

3. Update the Orbi firmware

Whether you’ve ignored or rejected the automatic updates, or they never showed up on your device, you may have to update the Orbi firmware manually.

It may sound not very easy, but it is, in fact, a relatively simple process that entails only a few steps.

The first step is connecting your Orbi router to your PC via Ethernet cable or WiFi. Launch your web browser, and then go to the web page orbilogin.com. The username for the control panel is admin, and the password is password.

Download the latest Orbi firmware from their website, and save it on your PC (preferably on your desktop, so you can easily find it).

Navigate to Firmware Update in the Orbi control panel, and select Manual Update. Click on the check box and select Update to start the updating process.

In the file explorer that shows up, select the software file you’ve downloaded, and then type in the credentials when you’re asked to do so.

Wait for the system to finish the updates, turn off both devices, and wait for a few minutes. Turn them back on, and check your internet connection as if the blinking white light is now gone. 

4. Do a factory reset of your Orbi device

As opposed to a power cycle, a factory reset of your Orbi device is a more robust method that you should resort to if the above-mentioned techniques don’t seem to help.

As the name implies, a factory reset will return everything to factory settings and adjustments, and all your unique, customized settings and related data will be deleted.

Luckily, you can back up and save your data beforehand. To start a factory reset of your system, you will need a sharp, thin object, such as a bobby pin, to reach the reset button in your Orbi satellite, which is located inside a small hole. 

Hold the reset button for about 10 seconds or until the amber light goes away since the amber light indicates that the resetting process is still taking place. 

It will take about 10 minutes for the factory reset to complete, after which you should re-sync your router and satellite the way we described in method 2. 

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