Only Google and YouTube Work: 8 Ways To Fix It Forever

If you’re attempting to complete some vital job on the internet or even just enjoy a simple gaming session, but you’re unable to connect and only Google and YouTube work, you may be left dissatisfied and wondering what occurred.

We’re here today to help you learn everything you need to know about this problem, as well as how to solve it as fast and easily as possible.

With the possibility that this might occur for a variety of causes, you should understand why you can only connect to Google and YouTube and what this means for your internet connection. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started on today’s challenge.

Why internet only loads Google and YouTube?

When you are attempting to connect to the internet and visit multiple websites but only Google and YouTube are uploading, you may have a more serious problem on your hands than you realize. 

A number of things can contribute to this difficulty, including a poor browser, a troublesome router, viruses on your device, or anything more technically related, such as DNS.

Because the internet is not entirely unavailable, there is no need to contact your internet service provider, as they will be unable to assist you. 

Instead, you may troubleshoot the connection to see if the problem is with one device or all of them and then proceed from there.

Furthermore, you should always check to see if the incidence is connected to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable connection before proceeding. It is necessary to analyze the situation before you can begin to solve it since various situations necessitate different solutions.

How to fix the problem forever

After being more familiar with the matter, we may give a few recommendations to you in order to attempt and resolve the situation.

Restart the router

A restart of the router and modem will always be the first and most straightforward solution when dealing with an internet connection problem

This activity takes only a few minutes to perform, yet it generally addresses a large number of complicated problems, and the majority of users believe it is the best solution for virtually every situation.

It is necessary to press the power button or remove the power source for a few seconds or until the device is entirely turned down in order to fully restart your router.

In addition, you should enable your router to create a new internet connection with your internet service provider once you have further waited for a few seconds. 

Your new connection established will allow you to access the internet without any restrictions.

Change the browser

If a simple restart of the router does not resolve the connection problem, and you are only able to connect to Google and YouTube, you may need to try a new browser to see if that is the solution for you. 

Because one of the possible reasons for this problem is the browser you are now using, it is only reasonable to switch to a different one.

There are a plethora of browsers accessible on the internet, and some are more efficient than others. To test whether there is a change in your browsing experience, try many different ones.

Once you change the browser and discover you are able to access any websites other than Google and YouTube, the issue was with your browser.

Opera is one of the greatest browsers available, even though many people have never used it before. Several extra features will help you to browse more smoothly while maintaining maximum security

In addition to a built-in VPN and anti-tracking features, the Opera browser also includes an ad blocker. As a result, you will be able to access websites other than Google and YouTube. 

As one of the fastest-performing options available, you will be able to do your research swiftly and efficiently without having to waste time waiting for the pages to upload.

Reinstall the browser

You can try one more thing if the preceding technique does not work for you and you want to continue using your preferred browser

Some people have reported success after uninstalling the browser and reinstalling it from the beginning on their computers. This will allow you to connect to the internet without having to worry about cookies or filling up your cache memory.

If you do not wish to entirely reinstall the browser, you may always delete your history, cookies, and cache memory in order to have a completely fresh browsing history and possibly be able to connect to sites other than Google and YouTube. 

Clearing your browser’s cache history is advised in any case since it improves the overall performance of your browser.

Switch to Ethernet cable

If you can only access Google and YouTube when you are connected through Wi-Fi, you may want to consider switching to an Ethernet cable connection instead. 

This sort of internet connection, in addition to being quicker and more dependable, may be able to temporarily address your problem while you find out whether there is anything more you can do to solve it permanently.

There have been instances when specific devices have had difficulty browsing webpages while connected to a wireless network and switching to a wired connection may have helped to address the problem.

Scan for viruses

The difficulty with surfing and the inability to search for anything other than Google and their affiliate YouTube site is generally solely connected to your laptop or desktop computer, and not your smartphone or tablet. 

It can occur on smartphones, although it is quite unusual.

You should always conduct a scan with your anti-virus application if you suspect that your device may be experiencing a problem to ensure that there is no malware on your computer.

Given the fact that viruses are developing on a daily basis, certain infections have been known to cause difficulties with internet connections.

In addition to conducting a complete virus check regularly, you should always consider upgrading your anti-virus application to ensure that it is operating at peak performance. 

This is true for any program that you use to establish an internet connection and to ensure that you are browsing in a secure manner.

Restore the default configuration of the Windows firewall

If none of our earlier ideas were successful in alleviating your problem and you are still unable to browse the internet as you would want, there is one more thing you may try. 

Simply hitting the Windows key and the S hotkey will bring up the search function on your computer. 

This will open a pop-up window in which you must input the Windows Defender firewall and search for it. 

As soon as you have located the Windows Defender firewall, go to the control panel and select the restore defaults button. Because the Windows Defender firewall might prevent you from accessing some websites, this may be the best choice for you to consider. 

However, bear in mind that some programs may cease to function as a result of this, so create a system restore point just in case.

Reset the TCP/IP 

TCP/IP is an abbreviation for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and refers to a group of communication protocols that are used to link network devices on the internet.

In some cases, this protocol may be the cause of your inability to see anything other than Google sites, and you will want the ability to restart or reset it. 

It is necessary to hit the Windows key + S once more, followed by the letters CMD. After that, you should be able to select Run as Administrator from the menu bar. Copy the following instructions and paste them into your browser:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>netsh winsock reset catalog

It is necessary to restart your computer after this, and you may anticipate being able to visit any website you require in the future.

Change the DNS settings on your computer

It is possible that none of our prior ideas worked, which we strongly doubt, and that you will need to change your DNS settings. 

This is readily accomplished when you locate the network and sharing center. It should be possible to alter the adapter settings if there is a menu option:

  1. Right-click the network connection to which you are currently connected and select properties, a pop-up box appears;
  2. Pick internet protocol version 4 and then click on the properties button once again in order to complete this step;
  3. should be entered in the Preferred DNS server box;
  4. should be entered in the alternate DNS server box.

This will change your DNS server to Google DNS, which will most likely address any connectivity difficulties you were experiencing and occasions where only Google sites load.

As you can see, there are a variety of scenarios in which your internet connection may become unreliable, and you may find yourself unable to access anything and only Google sites work.

However, as we have done in the past, we have the greatest and most convenient options for you, and you will resume your browsing in no time.

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