Mouse Stuck In Corner: Why It Happens And 10 Ways To Fix It

Having your mouse stuck in a corner can be pretty frustrating, especially if it happens often. Even though it may not seem like a big problem and it is usually quite easy to fix, it can disrupt all your activities on the computer.

In this guide, we will address both the possible reasons for this problem and the easiest ways to fix it permanently. Whether it is a hardware issue or a mistake in mouse settings, it will usually only takes a few minutes to solve.

So, without further ado, let’s see what you can do if you have a mouse stuck on the screen.

Why is your mouse stuck in the corner?

In most cases, having a mouse stuck in the corner isn’t too complicated of an issue, and it is something that can easily be fixed. However, detecting the core issue may take some time if you aren’t familiar with some of the common causes.

Take a look at the list below to find out what exactly could be causing this problem in your case.

1. Battery issue

If you have the mouse pointer stuck on the screen, one of the most common reasons behind this issue is a dead battery – in case you’re using a wireless mouse, of course. 

It could also be that you didn’t place the battery correctly, and the mouse is getting no power, so it remains stuck in one place.

Also, check for the on/off option on your wireless mouse, as you may have accidentally turned it off. This is not an option all models have, but it could be the case.

2. Surface

Some mouse models are quite sensitive and require an adequate surface to be used on. If you’re using your mouse on a slippery surface, it may not work properly. It is recommended to get a designated mouse surface.

3. USB port issue

In case you’re using a USB mouse, it could be that there is a problem with the connection. In this case, either the USB port on the computer or the USB extension of the mouse isn’t functioning properly.

mouse stuck in corner

4. Pending updates

If your cursor is stuck in the corner, and it won’t move no matter what you do, it could be that you haven’t installed all the available updates for your mouse driver.

What’s more, it is necessary to keep your system up to date and make sure you’ve performed all the PC updates, as this could also be a potential issue that is causing the mouse to be unresponsive

5. Faulty mouse driver

Another possibility is that the mouse driver is defective, or it hasn’t been installed properly. Mouse drivers are certainly one of the most important factors, and if they aren’t functioning it is no wonder why your mouse is stuck in the top left corner.

6. Wireless connection issue

Having the mouse cursor stuck in the top left corner is a rather common issue with wireless mice. If you’re using a wireless mouse, make sure it is connected properly to your PC.

If the mouse isn’t paired to your computer as an external device, the computer hasn’t even recognized it and you won’t be able to use it. Connection problems could also cause the mouse to randomly stop working

7. Blockage on the optic sensor

In case your mouse has an optic sensor, it is necessary to clean it regularly, as well as the surface it sits on. If there’s anything blocking the sensor, such as accumulated dirt and debris, it will disrupt the signals. 

When choosing a surface for your optical mouse, make sure it is flat and there isn’t anything that would compromise the signal. Also, you want to avoid polished surfaces, especially glass, since it will probably cause the mouse to become unresponsive.

8. Trackpad disabled in Windows

If you’re having trouble with your trackpad and you’re unable to control it, it could be that the trackpad was disabled in Windows. 

To test this possibility, hit the Start button, then search for the mouse in the search field. You should notice a section called Mouse or Mouse Settings in the search results.

Once you open these settings, look for Additional mouse settings. There will be a Hardware tab where the touchpad settings are located and you can check whether the touchpad is enabled.

In case it isn’t, these settings are what’s causing the mouse to remain stuck in one position

9. Malware

A malware could jeopardize pretty much every process in your computer’s system, including the functioning of the mouse. If you notice that the mouse keeps going to the top left corner, it is quite probable that your computer has been infected.

The infection may not be directly related to the mouse function, but it could slow down the overall system, which will consequently affect the mouse. 

mouse stuck in bottom left corner

10. Realtek HD audio manager

If you’re a Windows 10 user, there may be some issues with the Realtek HD audio manager, and not only when it comes to the mouse function. It is necessary to perform some troubleshooting to figure out if there’s a bug. 

Also, it is recommended to check other apps you’ve recently installed and make sure there aren’t any bugs caused by these new additions to your system.

11. Faulty mouse

In case you’ve recently dropped the mouse, or you’ve had it for a long time, it could be that the problem is in the mouse itself. In case you’ve ruled out all the other possibilities, make sure to check the quality of the mouse.

Also, the problem could be in the wire, in case you’re using this kind of mouse. Needless to say, if the wire is damaged, it is time for a new mouse purchase

How to fix a mouse stuck in the corner

Whether the mouse pointer automatically moves to the upper-left corner of the screen, or it is stuck there and you cannot move it, once you’ve detected the issue it shouldn’t take too much time or effort to fix it.

Here are the most efficient methods to fix a stuck mouse, or at least perform an accurate troubleshooting and find out if you should get a new one if it’s beyond repair. 

1. Change/fix the battery

The mouse may not be functioning because the battery isn’t properly placed, or it is simply time to replace it with a new one. This is actually the first thing you should do when it comes to fixing a wireless mouse.

Place a brand new battery into the mouse, making sure that it is positioned correctly. If the mouse is still not working, try one of the following methods.

2. Choose an adequate surface

Many mouse models simply cannot work on slippery, glass, or dirty surfaces. No matter what the surface, make sure to keep it clean and debris-free, especially if you’re using an optical mouse that is highly sensitive.

Also, it is necessary for the surface to be flat so that the mouse doesn’t lose contact or get stuck. The best solution for this problem is to buy an actual mouse pad.

3. Check the USB elements

If your USB mouse doesn’t seem to be working when plugged into one USB port, you could try connecting it to a different one. It could be that the port you were using isn’t functioning.

Also, the problem could be in the mouse dongle, which is the element that connects the mouse to the computer, and you can get it replaced.

If there’s an on/off switch on the mouse, make sure that the mouse is turned on, and the surface you’re using isn’t touching the switch.

4. Install the pending updates

In case you haven’t installed some of the pending updates, it is time to check if there are any. Go to Start, then search for Mouse in the Device Manager, and choose the mouse driver.

If any updates are available, there will be an option Update driver that you should click on. The computer will restart automatically once the updates are completed. Once the system is back on, you should be able to use the mouse.

You should also make sure that the computer system is up-to-date, as skipping or stopping updates could affect all connected devices – mouse included. 

To check if you’ve installed all the necessary updates as a Windows user, go to Start>Settings>Update&Security, and any available updates should be listed there.

As for Mac, go to System Preferences, then choose Software updates to search for updates that should be installed. 

mouse is stuck in the corner

5. Perform troubleshooting

Mouse troubleshooting will help you detect the problem, especially if what’s causing your mouse to stay stuck in a corner is a faulty mouse driver.

To perform troubleshooting, press Windows Key + I, then choose Updates&Security, and finally click on Troubleshoot. In this section, you will find the option Run the troubleshooter.

6. Check for connection issues & blockages

If the problem isn’t in the USB port or the mouse dongle, make sure to check that you’ve connected everything in its right place, as this is a possibility that is often overlooked.

Also, you need to make sure that the surface you’re using the mouse on is flat and clean – especially if you’re using an optical mouse. The mouse also needs to be cleaned from time to time, as built-up dirt will create a blockage.

You can clean the mouse using an ear stick and pure contact cleaner, as it won’t damage the mouse. Additionally, a canned air tube could help you get into all the little nooks and crevices an ear stick can’t reach into. 

7. Fix mouse settings

In case you’ve recently changed your mouse settings, it could be that you’ve made one wrong click and the mouse has stopped responding.

If your mouse pointer is stuck in a corner, try changing the settings back to default by going to Control Panel > Hardware&Sound > Mouse > Pointer Options. In this section, make sure to check all settings.

8. Enable the trackpad

In case you’re using the trackpad and not a wireless or USB mouse, it could be that you’ve accidentally turned off the trackpad in your settings. 

To turn the trackpad back on, go to the Start button and enter “mouse” in the search field, then choose Mouse or Mouse Settings.

Now you want to choose Additional mouse settings and look under the Hardware tab to enable the touchpad. 

For Windows 10, open Properties and then go to Change settings. At this point, you may have to enter your password, after which there should be an Enable Device option under the Driver tab. 

9. Clean your computer of malware

Whether malware is what’s causing the mouse problem or not, it won’t hurt to perform an antivirus checkup on your computer. Make sure to remove any viruses, then reboot the computer, and see if there have been any changes. 

10. Uninstall any new apps

As we’ve explained, faulty new apps you’ve installed may be causing numerous issues, including an unresponsive mouse. Try uninstalling them, and then go back and see if the mouse is still stuck.

Once you’ve uninstalled them, restart the computer and check if you can now use the mouse. If that’s not the case, you can always go back and install the apps again if you notice there are no bugs.

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