Meet The Team

The ConsciousHacker has been developed to satisfy the demand of people looking for different information on related topics. When authors and technology professionals were brought together, a concept developed. Every team member is an essential part of the bigger idea and irreplaceable component that makes this site better than all the others. 

George McCoy

George McKoyFounder and Chief Editor

George is the person behind ConsciousHacker’s whole concept and who has converted his passion into a concrete location for all technology lovers. George, while growing up with his father the engineer, was surrounded by new technology.

He quickly found out that he had the ability to resolve electrical problems and spent much of his time studying to master coding and programming. Destiny had different plans for George and he spent a lot of time in office, but he returned to technology, his initial passion.

It is when ConsciousHacker came into being and all the ideals of bringing knowledge and technology closer to the people. The inspiration for this website was the need for accurate and trustworthy information in one location. He wanted to help people make better choices and improve the stigma around new technology. The idea grew over time and new individuals joined the team in order to strengthen it and improve it.

Richard Parker

Richard ParkerContributing editor

Richard worked at other firms and toured the world for various Internet service providers as a seller and technician. His devotion continually found new methods of improving the user experience and connections to the Internet.

With his unique concepts and methods of thinking, he offered so much to the CosciousHacker team. Richard always has a little journal by his side to further his writing skills needed for his audience to communicate the knowledge effectively.

He can find a way to solve almost any problem and loves to teach people how to do it themselves. He was and still is a great addition to the team with unique points of view and vast experience with real-life technical problems and fixes. 

Mark Wilson

Mark WilsonContributing Editor

Mark is one of our editors and valuable members of our team with a Master’s degree in communication networks and a passion for everything new and inventive.

He is the brain behind every piece that has to do with technology, and he finds reliable sources and checks all essential material with his eyes for specifics.

In his free time, Mark is devoted to comics and sci-fi movies which bring him creative ideas and innovative solutions. The perfect combination for his dream job at ConsciousHacker.


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