Logitech G432 Mic Not Working: Why It Happens And 7 Ways To Fix It

Nothing is more fun than having a top-notch Logitech headset and enjoying some video games with friends. However, what do you do if your Logitech G432 mic is not working anymore? The first step is to not panic, as it’s most likely a minor issue.

If you have a Logitech headset microphone not working, then it’s most likely related to some sound settings configuration or perhaps your audio driver. To understand what you need to do, you first have to rule out each possibility. You can start with doing a mic test and read the article below to understand the fixes that you can try.

Why is my Logitech G432 mic not working?

A Logitech G432 mic not working error is usually a trivial thing that will take less than 5 minutes to solve. Although there are various reasons why your G432 mic might not work anymore, here are the most common causes and how to fix them:

1. You accidentally set the mic on mute

If you believe your Logitech G432 headset mic is not working anymore, you should first check if the microphone is on mute. It’s pretty easy to accidentally do this and be unaware of it. The left headphone has a volume dial on the back.

If you flip the attached microphone up vertically, your Logitech device will automatically mute it. If this isn’t the case with your gaming headset mic that’s not working, go on to the next possible explanation!

2. Faulty USB port

Another common reason for the Logitech headset microphone not working type of errors is a faulty USB port. It’s possible that your PC/laptop USB port is damaged, or the Logitech’s cable is damaged.

Whatever the case, before reading about other reasons why your Logitech G432 mic is not working anymore, make sure that the USB cable and port aren’t faulty.

3. Windows prevents access to the microphone

Various Windows 10 users reported that they encountered the Logitech G432 headset mic not working issue due to Windows privacy settings. Your privacy settings might prevent your Logitech G432 headset mic from working.

If you have the “Allow apps to access your microphone” option off, your Windows will deny access to your microphone and block any apps from accessing it.

4. Faulty audio driver

Your mic issue might be caused by either a missing, faulty, or outdated driver. It’s possible you didn’t install the Logitech G432 drivers well, and as such, your OS isn’t able to recognize your microphone.

Logitech G432 software is easy to install, though, and the same goes for your audio drivers. You can choose to either update or uninstall your audio drivers and software to fix the issue.

Another possible reason why your Logitech G432 mic isn’t working anymore might be due to OS updates.

If you haven’t updated your OS in a while, you might fall behind with important and critical software that is responsible for making your PC to work as intended.

5. Sound settings configuration

Sounds settings might not stay the same all the time, especially when it comes to external audio sources.

If your Logitech G432 mic isn’t working, it might be because it is disabled in your sound settings, or it isn’t set as the default device for your PC.

logitech g432 mic not working

6. Logitech game software issues

You might have some faulty Logitech G432 software issues that prevent your Logitech microphone from working. Like any other software, the Logitech game software is susceptible to bugs, glitches, and other issues.

7. Microphone is damaged

If you ruled out the Logitech G432 drivers as being glitchy, and you have also checked your OS updates, audio drivers, sound settings, USB cables, then your Logitech G432 microphone may be damaged.

However, you should rule out all the other reasons why your Logitech G432 microphone isn’t working anymore before taking it to a professional inspection and using your warranty.

How to fix a Logitech G432 mic?

If you experience a Logitech G432 mic not working, rest assured that it might not be anything serious. You need to rule out all possibilities and explore the Logitech G432 drivers and software, as well as your OS. 

Here is how to fix a Logitech headset microphone that is not working anymore.

1. Allow access to your microphone

Probably the first thing you should do if your Logitech G432 mic isn’t working anymore is to check your Windows Settings. Press the Windows Key + I and click on Privacy in Settings to do this.

Click on Microphone on the left side, and check to see if you have the “Microphone access for this device is on” activated. You can thick the On option on the Allow apps to access your microphone, or you can choose individually which apps can access your microphone.

After you save your settings, be sure to re-plug your microphone and see if the problem persists. It’s worth checking out the game chat options and seeing the status of your microphone. Change it to On if needed.

2. Unmute microphone

Your Logitech G432 headset mic might be on mute, hence the reason why you can’t use it. The left headphone has a volume dial on the back. 

If you flip the attached microphone up vertically, your Logitech device will automatically mute it. If this didn’t solve the issue with your gaming headset mic not working, go on to the next possible solution!

3. Change USB port

Your Logitech G432 software might be alright; however, it’s possible that you are dealing with a faulty USB port, which can make your mic buggy. To solve this, simply try other USB ports on your device, and check to see if the problem persists.

If the problem is gone, you should repair that USB port in the near future. If the issue is still there, you might need to check out your Logitech USB cable. Try connecting another device through the same USB port and see if it works.

Then, use your Logitech USB cable with another device to see if it works. If it’s clear that the cable is the issue, you will need to get rid of it and replace it with a new one.

logitech g432 mic not working ps4

4. Update audio drivers & OS

Sometimes, your Logitech G432 mic might not be working due to faulty audio drivers. This usually happens if you don’t regularly update your software. However, even simple OS updates can create some functionality problems with your devices.

That is why it is best to always stay up-to-date with everything on your PC. To update your audio drivers, you can use software such as Driver Easy, or you can reinstall or manually update your audio drivers.

Click on Start Menu, and type Device Manager. Search for the Audio Inputs & Outputs. Right-click on the Microphone, and you can either manually update it or uninstall it. Go to Sound, Video, and Game Controller, and either update or uninstall the Microphone Drivers.

If you choose to update your audio drivers or uninstall them, it doesn’t matter, as the result will be the same. Unplug your Logitech G432, and replug the microphone. Your OS should automatically reinstall your audio drivers.

If this doesn’t happen, simply restart your PC and plug in your device after making these changes. Before rebooting, though, you should check your OS updates. Go to Start>Settings>Updates & Security, and see if any updates are available. 

It’s essential to keep your device up-to-date; otherwise, certain apps or other devices might not work as intended. If these steps didn’t resolve your Logitech G432 mic not working issue, try the next step.

5. Change sound settings

Your Logitech G432 mic isn’t working since it may be disabled or not set as a default device. To solve this issue, you will need to change some sound settings. Right-click on the volume icon on your screen and select Sounds.

Click on the Playback tab and set up your Logitech microphone as Default Device. Click on the Recording tab and right-click on the empty area inside the device list to view if your microphone is disabled.

Select Show Disabled Devices. If your Logitech G432 mic pops up, right-click on it and click Enable. Right-click on the microphone again and select the Set as Default Device option. There is one last thing to do once you are here, just to be sure.

Right-click the microphone and go to Properties, and click on the Levels tab. Here, you can drag the volume slider to maximum. After you are done with these changes, save them, and reboot your PC.

6. Reinstall Logitech game software

If your Logitech G432 mic is not working, another great thing to do that may fix this problem is reinstalling the Logitech game software on your device. Firstly, make sure to completely uninstall your Logitech game software.

Go to Start>Settings>Apps, and locate the Logitech game software. Uninstall it, and make sure you install the latest Logitech game software available. Check and see if your Logitech G432 mic is now working.

7. Contact support

A Logitech headset microphone not working might be a sign of a faulty product, especially if you have tried all of the above solutions to no avail. If you have a warranty, you might use it to fix up your Logitech microphone at a specialized service. 

However, if you don’t want to take your Logitech into service just yet, you can always try and contact the Logitech official customer support. Once here, make sure to correctly state your problem and describe everything that you have done to solve it.

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