Google Fiber Blinking Blue: 6 Ways To Easily Fix It

google fiber blinking blue

Today, we’re going to speak about Google fiber routers, which have been growing increasingly popular over the years. This is not unexpected given that they are among the most dependable on the market and have incredible speeds of up to 1000 MPs. However, even the greatest technology has a tendency to slow down, and occasionally … Read more

Ethernet Wall Jack Not Working: 5 Ways To Easily Fix It

ethernet wall jack not working

A decade ago, having an internet connection was considered a luxury, but today it is one of the most important things you need in order to be able to do virtually any activity. A reliable internet connection is essential for everything from schooling to business to leisure. While we have become accustomed to super-fast Wi-Fi … Read more

WiFi Slow On Phone But Fast On Laptop: 8 Ways To Fix It

wifi slow on phone but fast on laptop

If your WiFi is slow on the phone but fast on the laptop, you might need to simply restart your device and see how it goes from there. However, sometimes this won’t help your WiFi phone speed. Although WiFi internet speed on smartphones and laptops are similar, some minor configuration mistakes might make your phone … Read more

Ethernet Connected But No Internet: 9 Ways To Easily Fix It

ethernet connected but no internet

If you want dependable and fast internet, an Ethernet connection is usually the best option. Wired connections are often the most popular choice among gamers, which is understandable given that they are far more steady than Wi-Fi. However, this connection can still be difficult at times, and you may have the Ethernet cable connected but … Read more

Google WiFi Orange Light: What It Means And 6 Ways To Fix It

google wifi orange light

When consumers consider making an investment in a quality internet connection, they usually choose well-known companies, such as Google, since the brand’s recognition adds legitimacy to the product.  As much as a product can be excellent in every way, it may have faults and cease to function at certain points in time. Even products from … Read more

Spectrum Router Blinking Blue: 7 Quick Ways To Fix

spectrum router blinking blue

Each color of the light indicator on your Spectrum router conveys a different message. Not every color indicates a problem, but a blinking blue light does require some troubleshooting. Usually, a blinking blue light means that the Spectrum router is currently attempting to establish a stable internet connection. However, if it persists, an issue may … Read more

Xfinity Router Blinking Blue: 9 Methods To Easily Fix It

xfinity router blinking blue

Different light indicators on your Xfinity router can convey different messages, and often it can be hard to understand the issue they’re pointing to. As far as the issue of the Xfinity router blinking blue is concerned, there are several possible scenarios that you should look into. However, the good news is that each and … Read more

Orbi Blue Light: The Meaning Behind It and How to Fix It

orbi blue light

Orbi is known for its cable modem router WiFi system that provides WiFi coverage for the entire house. Thanks to its fast tri-band WiFi, you will never have to worry about internet coverage in your home again. However, even a system as innovative as the Orbi satellite can come across specific issues and signal them via … Read more

How to Reset Spectrum Router: Step-By-Step Guide

how to reset spectrum router

Often, the best way to refresh your router and eliminate minor issues and bugs in the system is to reset your Spectrum router. After a reset, many problems affecting your internet connection should disappear since this method is known as one of the most effective. Restarting your Spectrum modem, whether you choose a soft restart … Read more Protection Status