Why Is My Google In Czech? 10 Ways To Easily Fix It

why is my google in czech

If your Google is in Czech, you don’t need to worry as it might be a simple bug issue. Google uses IP addresses to determine your location. However, this method isn’t 100% accurate all the time. It might be a simple case of Google wrongly detecting your location. Yet, there might be other reasons why … Read more

WiFi Slow On Phone But Fast On Laptop: 8 Ways To Fix It

wifi slow on phone but fast on laptop

If your WiFi is slow on the phone but fast on the laptop, you might need to simply restart your device and see how it goes from there. However, sometimes this won’t help your WiFi phone speed. Although WiFi internet speed on smartphones and laptops are similar, some minor configuration mistakes might make your phone … Read more

WiFi Stuck On Identifying? Why It Happens And 9 Ways To Fix It

wifi stuck on identifying

Most people use their Wi-Fi to connect numerous devices over the same network. Though the process is easy, sometimes errors or configuration mistakes can create some problems in your settings. One common internet connection issue is the “Wi-Fi stuck on identifying” error, which is similar to the “unable to identify network” error but more annoying. … Read more

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