Xfinity Modem Blinking White: 4 Easy Ways To Fix It

xfinity modem blinking white

A white light on your Xfinity modem is usually not a sign of something wrong with your modem or Xfinity internet, except when it’s blinking. Generally speaking, a flashing light on your xFi advanced gateway is almost always a sign of an unresolved issue with your Xfinity router or modem. Learning more about the potential … Read more

Server Unreachable: What It Means and 7 Ways to Fix It

server unreachable

These days we are blessed to have such incredible technology that can keep us in touch with each other almost anywhere in the world. Network coverage is as widespread as ever, and WiFi is becoming more accessible every year. However, sometimes just as you need to make that all-important phone call, you get the message … Read more

No Internet After Resetting Modem? Try These 5 Easy Fixes

no internet after resetting modem

A modem reset is usually a highly efficient method you can use to solve a specific connectivity issue, especially when you can’t seem to pinpoint the actual cause. However, in some cases, resetting the modem or power cycling your modem may result in a loss of internet connection, which can be rather frustrating. Why does a … Read more

Spectrum WiFi Connected No Internet: Here’s How to Fix It

spectrum wifi connected no internet

Spectrum WiFi is the number one choice of many customers, thanks to its reliable wireless network, quality internet service, and excellent internet speed. However, even a system as innovative and stable as Spectrum can sometimes come across specific challenges, especially regarding an internet outage. If you’ve noticed that your Spectrum WiFi is connected, but there … Read more

The Wireless Customer Is Not Available? 5 Quick Fixes

the wireless customer is not available

Have you noticed that the “wireless customer is not available” message pops up often when you try to reach your contacts? This doesn’t necessarily mean that the wireless customer has deleted their account or has blocked your calls. This message can often appear as a result of poor network coverage, network provider issues, or any … Read more

Cox Router Blinking Green: 5 Easy and Effective Fixes

cox router blinking green

You probably already know that blinking light on your Cox Panoramic router usually means that there is an issue, and when it comes to a blinking green light, this is probably the case. What makes this situation complicated for the user does not know what is triggering the flickering green light on their device, making it harder … Read more

Ethernet Not Working But WiFi Is? 4 Ways To Fix It Forever

ethernet not working but wifi is

If your WiFi is working normally, but you’re experiencing problems with your Ethernet connection, you’re probably quite confused, especially if you’re not too familiar with the difference between the two. Yes, one connection can fail while the other functions perfectly, as they’re two completely different connections. In this guide, we will focus on locating the Ethernet … Read more Protection Status
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