HP Laptop Blinking White Light: 4 Easy Ways To Fix It

Whether your HP laptop is blinking white light but there seem to be no issues at the moment, or it won’t turn on, but the blinking light persists, the flickering white light is usually a sign of a more complex core issue.

In most cases, this issue concerns the laptop battery, especially if you’ve noticed that the battery runs out quickly and you have to keep charging your laptop.

What is the meaning behind this blinking white light signal, and how can you fix it? Let’s find out.

Why is your HP laptop blinking white?

Troubleshooting is undoubtedly the first step in fixing the blinking white LED light issue on your HP laptop, whether it be a battery issue or a different one.

Here are some of the most common problems hiding behind a blinking white light.

Faulty laptop battery

A blinking battery LED white light on your HP laptop could indicate something wrong with the battery.

In this case, the battery could be damaged, malfunctioning, or even dead at this point, especially if you cannot use your laptop without a charger.

In case you’ve noticed that the laptop battery runs out quickly or that you can’t even turn the laptop on without plugging the power cord into the outlet, it is certain that your removable battery is too weak or dead.

Faulty connected devices

Often, the problem stems from malfunctioning external devices, not internal components such as a removable battery or hard drive.

These devices could affect the computer if you’ve connected your smartphone to your HP laptop via a USB cable, a USB mouse, or a Bluetooth speaker.

In case any of these devices are malfunctioning or damaged in any way, they could be causing the battery icon to flash white.

Faulty power cord or charging port

If you’re having trouble charging your laptop, it could clearly indicate that something is wrong with the power cord or the power connector.

In many cases, the issue isn’t in the cord itself but in the charging port, which can be damaged or clogged.

If anything is blocking the charging port, your laptop won’t get sufficient power, which may signal it through a blinking white light.

RAM issue

You will recognize a RAM issue quite easily since a specific light pattern occurs in this situation.

If the battery indicator light blinks quickly three times, then slowly two times, this means that there is something wrong with your RAM – which is almost always a matter you should take to a professional.

How to fix an HP laptop blinking white light

Now that we’ve gone through the most frequent problems signalized by a blinking white LED light on your HP laptop device, it is time to talk about the most efficient solutions.

1. Check the removable battery

Is the battery the issue that is causing the battery light to act up? The only way you can know is to remove the battery from your laptop, then unplug the power adapter.

Hold the power button for one minute, plug the power adapter back in, but don’t put the battery in.

Now press the power button again and see if the laptop boots up. If it doesn’t, it means that the battery is faulty or simply not powerful enough to carry the laptop system on its own, and you should replace it.

Unplugging the power adapter and removing the battery is also an excellent method you can use to get rid of any built-up static in your laptop. 

2. Check if the connected devices are the issue

Remove all the connected devices from your laptop, including the smartphone USB connection, mouse, and speakers, and see if the issue is still present.

If the blinking white light is gone, you’ll know that one of the external devices was causing the issue.

Try connecting the devices back one by one and see which of them is causing the laptop to react this way. It could also be a combination of multiple devices. 

3. Check the power cord

When troubleshooting the power cord and the charging port, the first step would be to visually examine them and check for any signs of friction or damage and dirt buildup in the cord.

A damaged or worn-out power cord should be replaced as soon as possible, as it could seriously damage your laptop. 

As for a clogged charging port, clean it thoroughly using a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol to get all the accumulated gunk out.

If you want to test the power cord, all you need to do is remove the battery from the laptop, hold the power button for a minute, then try to boot up the computer without the battery.

If this is not possible, it is quite probable that the core issue lies in the power cord, the charging port, or the power outlet you’re using at the moment.

Try plugging the power cord into a different outlet in your home and see if this makes any difference. 

4. Try a BIOS reset

A BIOS reset is the final step in case none of the mentioned methods seem to eliminate the flickering white light on your HP laptop.

However, a BIOS reset is usually a more complex task that will require help from a licensed technician, especially if you don’t have much experience with this type of reset.

We recommend hiring laptop tech support or contacting HP support if your laptop is still covered by warranty and having them either perform a BIOS reset or decide the best method to fix this issue permanently.

Keep in mind that a BIOS reset won’t solve problems such as a faulty battery, power adapter, or any other issue concerning the laptop hardware

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