HP Laptop Battery Draining Too Fast? Easy Quick Fixes 

Do you find it annoying to constantly have to plug in your HP laptop to charge it? Does it seem like your laptop’s battery is running out quicker than usual, leaving you without power when you need it most? Like all other laptop brands, Lenovo, Acer, or Mac, HP laptops have a built-in battery that will naturally deteriorate over time, resulting in decreased battery life. There are several reasons why a laptop battery might drain faster than normal, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Within this article, we will provide beneficial advice and strategies to enhance the longevity of your HP laptop’s battery. Take a break, lean back, and prepare yourself to discover solutions to this troublesome problem once and for all! 

Common Causes Of Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

Your HP laptop battery may be draining quickly due to various reasons. Some common reasons for laptop battery drain include:

1. Your HP laptop battery might be aged and in need of replacement

2. Numerous applications or files running in the background

3. Using the laptop display at higher brightness levels than usual

4. Possible presence of a virus or malicious software on your HP laptop

5. Operating the laptop in High-Performance mode

6. Connecting the laptop to multiple peripherals

7. Running power-intensive programs like editing software

8. Excessive battery drain from a backlit keyboard

9. Malfunctioning apps or programs

10. Changes in system settings leading to battery drain

11. Corruption in the installed firmware

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Ways To Fix Battery Drain In Your Laptop 

Now that you understand some important reasons why your laptop battery is draining quickly, here is a list of solutions that might also help prolong the battery life:

Adjust the Screen Brightness

The display of a device is a major factor in draining battery power. If your laptop battery is draining quickly, it is recommended to monitor and adjust the interface or the screen brightness. If you need to have the screen at maximum brightness, you can skip this step. However, if lowering the brightness slightly improves battery life, it is worth considering.

Minimize Network Connections

Having multiple network and Internet connections active on your laptop can contribute to faster battery drainage. Disable any unnecessary network connections to improve battery life.

Disable the Keyboard Backlight

It is advisable to disable the keyboard backlight when not needed, especially if your laptop battery is draining quickly. It is best to use the keyboard backlight in low-light settings or while gaming. If the keyboard is already visible, there is no need to keep the backlight on as it will drain the battery. You can disable the keyboard backlight by using the function button on the keyboard or through the settings menu.

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Modify Laptop Power Settings

If your laptop’s battery is draining too fast, a new software or app may have altered the power settings. This can be resolved by adjusting the sleep and screen timeout settings.

Remove Unnecessary Peripherals

If your laptop is linked to multiple external devices, it might be causing excessive battery drain. Simply unplug any peripherals that are not necessary, such as USB drives, DVDs, Bluetooth speakers, or wireless mouse. You can do this by accessing system settings or clicking on the device icon in the taskbar to safely disconnect them. For Bluetooth devices, you can either turn them off individually or disable Bluetooth on your laptop to disconnect them all at once.

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Close Unnecessary Programs

When using your laptop, there may be unnecessary programs running in the background that are draining your battery without providing any benefit. Check the list of running apps and shut down any that are not needed.

End Unnecessary Processes

Similar to background applications, there may be unwanted processes running in the background of your laptop that could be draining its battery. You can terminate these superfluous processes using the Task Manager.

Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

When you don’t need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, it’s a good idea to turn them off. Active Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections can significantly reduce your laptop’s battery life. By disabling Wi-Fi when not in use, you can save data, enhance productivity by eliminating pop-up notifications, and potentially protect your laptop from online threats.

Replacing Battery

If none of these tips enhances the battery life of your laptop, the battery has likely degraded significantly. The only solution is laptop repair, to replace the battery.

Tips To Increase the Battery Duration of Your HP Laptop

On average, an HP laptop battery lasts approximately three to five years. However, there are several measures you can implement to enhance the battery longevity of your HP notebook.

Perform A Battery Calibration 

By calibrating your battery, you can ensure that the battery gauge is accurate, ultimately helping to extend its lifespan. To adjust the battery of your HP laptop, go to the Battery tab in the Windows Control Panel and choose “Calibrate.”

Utilize Power Saving Mode Whenever Possible

Activating battery saver mode on your laptop will reduce power usage, thus helping to prolong the battery life. In addition, you can adjust other settings within this mode to further minimize power consumption.

Avoid Overcharging And Using A Laptop In Extreme Temperatures 

To prevent damage to your battery, it is recommended to discharge laptop on time and use your HP laptop in extreme temperatures. If you need to use your laptop in those circumstances, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and other heat sources, and do not leave it in a hot car for long periods.

Up-to-date System

It is important to regularly check for system updates and install them to ensure optimal performance of your HP laptop.

Remove Unnecessary Programs

Take the time to review the programs installed on your laptop and remove any that are unnecessary. Accumulated programs that are not being used can slow down your laptop and take up valuable resources.

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In conclusion, a rapidly draining HP laptop battery can be quite annoying if not addressed properly. By implementing the suggestions provided in this article, such as adjusting power settings, ensuring device maintenance and updates, and replacing or recalibrating the battery as required, you can extend the lifespan of your HP laptop’s battery and enhance its performance. If these measures are unsuccessful, consider purchasing an external charger to provide additional power when you are away from a power outlet. 

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