How to Reset Orbi Router: Step-By-Step Guide

Many technicians recommend restarting your Netgear Orbi router, or any other internet router, at least once a month.

A simple power cycle, or a soft reset, is enough to refresh your Orbi WiFi system, eliminate specific system errors, and ensure that your Orbi satellite device is in sync with the Orbi network.

There’s also the option of a hard reset or a factory reset, which is a method used when dealing with more complex issues, such as an incorrect configuration or corrupted firmware.

In this guide, we will discuss both options and their advantages.

Why should you reset your Orbi router?

A hard reset of your Netgear Orbi device is an excellent method if you decide to reconfigure your Orbi WiFi system.

It will give you a clean slate to work with, erasing all of the custom settings and returning the system to factory adjustments.

By eliminating the previous configuration, the reset will also delete any errors and bugs in the system, including any corrupted firmware files.

A hard reset is an excellent opportunity to configure your Netgear Orbi device properly, according to the instructions in the user manual or the instructions you get from the Orbi customer service.

However, a factory reset isn’t the only method you can use to reset your Netgear Orbi Satellite.

Keep in mind that a soft reset, also known as a power cycle, can be quite helpful in eliminating minor system bugs and errors that may be affecting the Netgear router and the WiFi signal.

Moreover, a soft reset will not return the system to default settings, and you won’t have to reconfigure your Orbi network.

A soft reset will replenish the Orbi devices and eliminate any remaining electricity, completely refreshing the network connection.

Usually, you will be advised to start with a power cycle if you’re experiencing network issues or poor WiFi signal. It is the first step you can take if you notice a persistent red LED light on your Orbi device.

If the soft reset yields no positive results, the next step would be to hard reset your Orbi system to factory default settings, as this is a much more radical approach that will delete all of the personalized settings.

A hard reset of your Orbi system is something that you can also do by contacting your internet service provider and asking them to reset the system for you.

It is also an option available via the admin dashboard on the official Netgear Orbi website or the Orbi app.

How to reset an Orbi router

Even though the two resetting methods are quite different, it is safe to say that both are equally as easy to perform, even if you’ve never reset your Orbi router before.

Depending on the severity of the issue, you will choose a soft reset or a hard reset. However, we suggest starting with a soft reset first, then moving on to a factory reset if the issue persists. 

Soft reset

  1. Unplug all the Orbi devices from the power source, including the Orbi router, primary Orbi device, and satellites.
  2. Wait for a couple of minutes, ensuring that these devices’ residual electricity is removed.
  3. Plug the Orbi devices back into the power source, then allow a few minutes for the devices to reboot.
  4. Check the internet connection and re-sync the Orbi router and satellites with the main Orbi by pressing the Sync button on the router.
  5. You can check the Orbi sync and connection status via the Orbi website or the Orbi app.

Hard reset

  1. Ensure that your Orbi router is powered on before resetting it to factory default settings.
  2. Grab a paper clip, then reach the small Reset button in the Reset compartment on your Orbi router (usually on the back of the router).
  3. Hold the reset button for about 10 seconds or until the Power LED indicator on the router blinks amber.
  4. Allow for the reset process to complete, and wait for the Orbi router to boot back up before you test the connection.

Remember that all your personalized settings will be erased, and you must reconfigure your Orbi account, including the network name, username, and password.


How do I reconnect my Orbi WiFi?

To re-sync your Orbi router and your satellite, press the Sync button on the Orbi satellite and wait a few minutes. Now press the same button on the Orbi router, allowing the two devices to pair.

A blinking white light on the satellite will signify that the pairing process is still happening. Once the LED light transitions to blue, the sync was successful.

An amber light means that the sync was fair, but the connection could be better. Finally, a magenta color on your satellite means that the sync has failed, and you should try to sync them again.

How long does it take for Orbi to reset?

The resetting process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, your Orbi router should boot back up, and you should have a stable internet connection.

If this is not the case, and the Orbi is taking a long time to boot up, there could be a configuration or a service issue.

In this case, we recommend contacting Netgear customer support and getting more information on the status of your device and connection. 

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