How to Compress PDF Files for Email and Online Sharing?

Undoubtedly, PDF is the most sustainable document format for sharing files and data via email and online sharing. It does not affect the layout of the files and can be opened on different types of devices without any issues. Moreover, PDFs can be protected with passwords to prevent their unauthorized use. 

However, sometimes, their size can exceed the allowed limit when we try to share them through different channels if the data in them is too large. 

Therefore, the only solution to make them sharable is to compress their sizes to bring them under sendable dimensions. 

This blog post will illuminate how you can compress PDF files for email and online sharing.

Different Ways to Compress PDF Files for Email and Online Sharing

Multiple methods can be used to compress PDF files. However, it would be best to remember that every technique has limitations. Therefore, it is better to understand different ways to use the feasible one per the nature of your required work. 

Following are the dynamic approaches that can help you compress PDF files like a pro without facing many intricacies.

Take Help from Online PDF Compressor

The primary approach that can help you compress PDF files is to take help from web-based utilities. For example, an online pdf compressor can help you shrink the size of any file within no time. The best thing about this method is you don’t have to install any program software to your device to benefit. 

Instead, you can go to a site with such a service and start using it from the word go. In addition, a pdf compressor online is compatible with all types of devices, including Windows, Mac, and Android. Therefore, you don’t have to use a specific device to compress the size of your files. 

Moreover, it is usually free; consequently, you can compress as many files as you want without purchasing any subscriptions. Furthermore, you can reduce the files to specific sizes such as 20Kb, 50kb, and 100 kb.

Use A PDF Compressing Software

Sometimes, an online PDF compressor stops working due to technical glitches or network problems; therefore, you should have a backup. That means online pdf compression services don’t meet your needs; you can use PDF compression software. Numerous quality compression software is available in the market. You can install any of them to bring your files under recommended size for online sharing. 

The best thing about compression software is that it allows you to compress multiple files simultaneously. Thus, you can finish your job quickly. Moreover, the quality of images in your documents is not affected, keeping your files reliable for reading and other purposes. 

Furthermore, you can get additional features such as sign PDF, split PDF, merge PDF, and OCR PDF. So, you enjoy multiple services in one program and don’t need to find different tools for different PDF-oriented operations.

Install A PDF Compression App

A PDF compressing can be helpful when you are outside and don’t have your PC with you, and online tools are not there if you have to instantly adjust the size of a PDF file and share it. You can find an outstanding app after a bit of exploration. It will assist you in shrinking the PDFs in one tap. 

Moreover, you can manage your files in the app gallery. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to keep and discard different files. Furthermore, the outlay is pretty simple; therefore: you don’t have to go through any complexity in reducing the size of your PDFs. With that, you can relish viewing and editing services that can help you make changes to your files before compressing them.

Once you get large-size PDFs compressed to recommended dimensions, you can enjoy various benefits. Let’s shed some light on a few of them.

Advantages of Compressing PDF Files for Email and Online Sharing

The primary benefit of compressing PDF files is fast sharing. It means you don’t have to wait too long to see your files upload via email and online. Instead, it gets done without any buffering, helping you escape all sorts of frustration. In addition, you attain better compatibility with your files. That means your files get opened on all types of devices. Otherwise, if the file size is large, they may not be opened on devices supporting small PDFs.

Moreover, data consumption gets reduced, lowering your cost ratio. You don’t have to buy an extra subscription to share large files. Furthermore, compressed PDFs are helpful for people receiving them as they get downloaded quickly, saving time and increasing productivity. That’s why whenever your PDF files exceed the allowed size limit, you must compress them to make them more manageable and avoid different challenges.

Bottom Line

PDF compression is an excellent facility in the digital age as it helps in shunning the possibility of many unusual challenges affecting workflow efficiency. 

All the methods mentioned above are worth trying. Therefore, you can benefit from any of them without facing any issues.

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