Brush up on Your Social Media Strategy with Automation Tools

It’s fair to say that full-fledged brand development is currently impossible without a presence on a network like Instagram. In a social media world, you need to have a clear promotion plan. Several working tips will help you achieve your goals. Including additional tools such as Instagram video downloader.

Best Tactics to Make Your Instagram Account Viral

Always try to create the most memorable, fascinating, and informative posts you are capable of. Quality content is the first step to attracting followers and making a good impression on your profile. However, your page still needs some work on promotion to get the most out of your Instagram presence. So, the following important elements will be essential to creating a strong IG account:

  • Reels. This is the most popular format. In the short clips, you need to show users exactly what you represent on Instagram and what your brand is about.
  • Diversity. The focus should be on the Reels, but also make Stories, photos, or regular feed videos for account fullness and better perception.
  • Scheduling. Posting at a certain time results in more engagement. Your followers are getting used to receiving content from you at a definite period, so it will be easier for them not to miss anything. Upload important content on weekdays, and some photos or Stories on weekends to keep the interaction level.
  • Hashtags. They still perform well and are crucial for advancement. You can write up to 30 tags, including popular and some specific ones, to expand an audience’s reach.
  • Trends. There are many of them on IG, and they change rapidly. If you find the one that suits your tone of voice, then don’t miss the opportunity to use it. Trendy posts could lead new brand followers to your page.
  • Aesthetics. A memorable style will help users define your account among many others.

These are the sort of things that you need to do in the first place. The next part is taking advantage of usage special features for IG.

What Is the Insta video Downloader, and What Are the Benefits?

Automatic tools have been developed for certain purposes and serve as a needful complement to the IG app. These instruments are very convenient and should be part of your profile-developing strategy. We’ll take the Instagram Video Saver as an example. The tool allows you to save any public Instagram videos with ease. How can it help you? Here are a few reasons: 

  • Make copies of your most important clips to exclude the possibility of losing everything due to lack of access to your page. 
  • You need to make backups to store the materials offline.
  • Reusing clips on your website, blog, and other platforms.
  • Downloading the best Instagram videos to get ideas.
  • Saving competitors’ clips for learning their work and products.

This instrument helps you with advancement, and better optimization and prepares you for various challenges. You can download IG videos from the link using the Toolzu service, and immediately get the following benefits:

  • Download clips online directly to your device by pasting the URL of the desired video into the search bar.
  • Save content for free.
  • Users won’t see you are saving their clips.

You could also see and try out other Toolzu features, including the Hashtag Generator.


To make progress in growing your account, gaining followers, and showing your product to the world, you have to have a good social media plan. The strategy should cover every detail that can impact and boost your page, including the usage of special tools like the IG video saver.

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