Keyboard Acting Weird: Why It Happens And 11 Ways To Fix It

keyboard acting weird

Sometimes when typing, you might see some issues with your keyboard. A scrambled keyboard might type the wrong letters/characters, or you might face frequent keyboard mistyping problems. Average keyboards can last between 10 to 30 years, depending on several factors. However, you shouldn’t immediately assume that your keyboard broke. Spilling a drink on your keyboard, … Read more

Mouse Stuttering In Games: 10 Ways To Easily Fix It

mouse stuttering in games

If your mouse lags in-game, you can lose that awesome loot that you’ve been striving to achieve, die in a boss fight, or get so frustrated to the point of turning your fun time into a not-so-fun time. Fortunately, mouse lagging in games can be easily fixed in most cases, while in others your system … Read more Protection Status
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