Computer Smells Like Burning? 6 Ways To Fix It Quickly

computer smells like burning

We all know that unpleasant plastic scent that comes with every new appliance or electronic item we purchase, and that smells a little like something is burning. However, after a few weeks, you shouldn’t even be able to notice it anymore, as it should completely vanish. If this is not the case with your computer … Read more

PC Fan Making Rattling Noise? 11 Ways To Fix It Forever

pc fan making rattling noise

Having a loud PC fan isn’t just incredibly annoying and distracting, but it can also make you quite stressed if you don’t know what’s causing this noise.  Whether it happens every now and then, or it’s a recurring event, this rattling sound can be rather unsettling.  In most cases, a PC fan making a rattling … Read more

Mouse Randomly Stops Working: 12 Ways To Fix It Forever

mouse randomly stops working

Windows updates, new games, or other faulty applications or configurations can make your mouse randomly stop working. If your mouse randomly stops working, you have to retrace your steps before the problem arose. A mouse stops working randomly for various reasons, and if you are not sure why it suddenly happens, don’t worry, we’ve got … Read more

USB Ports Randomly Stop Working: 7 Ways To Easily Fix It

usb ports randomly stop working

USB ports are quite durable, having a minimum lifetime of 1,500 insertion and removal cycles. A USB port will sometimes stop working much faster due to various causes, such as defective parts, overuse, or improper handling. If all USB ports randomly stop working though, the issue isn’t that serious in most cases. Here is everything … Read more Protection Status