USB Ports Randomly Stop Working: 7 Ways To Easily Fix It

usb ports randomly stop working

USB ports are quite durable, having a minimum lifetime of 1,500 insertion and removal cycles. A USB port will sometimes stop working much faster due to various causes, such as defective parts, overuse, or improper handling. If all USB ports randomly stop working though, the issue isn’t that serious in most cases. Here is everything … Read more

Keyboard Acting Weird: Why It Happens And 11 Ways To Fix It

keyboard acting weird

Sometimes when typing, you might see some issues with your keyboard. A scrambled keyboard might type the wrong letters/characters, or you might face frequent keyboard mistyping problems. Average keyboards can last between 10 to 30 years, depending on several factors. However, you shouldn’t immediately assume that your keyboard broke. Spilling a drink on your keyboard, … Read more

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