How to Fix Green Lines On Monitor: 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Them Forever

One of the most annoying things that can happen while you’re working on an important presentation, or binge-watching your favorite TV show, is having annoying green lines across the monitor all of a sudden. 

Not only is it annoying, but it probably has you wondering if there is something wrong with your monitor. While there are many potential reasons behind this issue, most of them can easily be solved.

In this guide, we will talk about some of the common reasons why you might have green lines on the monitor, but more importantly, how this issue can be solved permanently. Keep on reading to learn more!

Why are there green lines on your monitor?

With issues like this, there could either be a hardware defect, or a software bug. While both are quite possible, it seems that most of the time the issue seems to be a software bug that can easily be taken care of.

However, before we can recommend any solutions, it is necessary to inspect your monitor and detect the root of the issue. Without further ado, here are some potential reasons why there are green horizontal lines on your monitor

1. Hardware defect

The first thing you should do when you notice a green line on the computer screen is to check for any defects on your monitor, including all the cables. It could be that the monitor is losing signal due to a faulty cable.

In most cases, the problem is related to either a defective ribbon cable, or a video cable that hasn’t been properly connected, or has some kind of defect, as well. 

Sometimes the problem could be in power outlets, which often causes a power blockage. This basically means that the monitor isn’t getting the necessary power, so you should definitely make sure the outlet you’re using is working properly.

In some cases, a failing hardware component could be causing havoc in the entire system – monitor included. If there aren’t any physical defects, you should still check for internal ones by opening up Device Manager.

In case the Device Manager list is showing Unknown Devices or Other Devices, this could mean that there is something wrong with a hardware component

Sometimes the issue is internal, and it has to do with a defect inside the monitor itself. Unfortunately, it could be that an element in the monitor has been damaged, especially if you’ve had it for a long time.

However, if the monitor is brand new, you should definitely consider the possibility that you’ve purchased a defective monitor, so make sure you keep the warranty and return it right away.

2. Outdated graphic card drivers

In case you haven’t done this in a while, it is time to check for updates for your graphic card drivers. In case they’re outdated, it could be that this is causing green lines on the screen.

However, if the green flickering lines on the monitor appear only after the computer has started, and not on the initial screen while it’s starting up, this is likely not a driver-related issue. 

Another factor that could disrupt the connection between the monitor and the computer is faulty graphic drivers. While these will mostly cause the monitor to lose signal altogether, in some cases, this problem could be manifested through green lines. 

3. Resolution issue

The problem could also be in your screen resolution settings, as they may have not been adjusted accordingly. Whether the resolution is too low or too high for your monitor, this imbalance could cause a green horizontal line on the laptop screen, or any monitor. 

It is necessary to play with settings a bit until you figure out what is working for your screen unless the optimal resolution is specified in the manual. 

Also, it could be that the refresh rate isn’t properly adjusted, which may cause the image on the screen to glitch. This is yet another problem you can easily solve, and we will talk about it more later on. 

green lines on monitor

4. Malware or virus

One of the possibilities you should take into consideration is that your computer has been infected with a virus or malware. While this is not one of the most common causes for a green vertical line on a monitor, it is still a possibility. 

In certain situations, malware or a virus could increase the GPU levels, raising the temperature and seriously affecting the functioning of the screen. 

How to fix green lines on a monitor?

When it comes to hardware defects, you may need to replace certain components, get them repaired, or even invest in new ones. However, when it comes to green lines popping up on the screen, the problem is usually much easier to fix.

Let’s look into some of the most common ways to solve this issue once and for all.

1. General troubleshooting

While we’ve talked about some of the most common causes, let’s be a bit more specific and discuss what you can do to get to the bottom of the issue. First, turn off the computer and make sure you’ve unplugged all accessories and devices

In case you have a laptop, all you need to do is remove the battery. Now, you want to hold the power button for about 20 seconds, which will get rid of all power lingering in the system

Sometimes, this residual power could mess up the image and cause green lines all over the screen, so pressing the power button down for 20 seconds will eliminate this possibility.

Connect all the accessories and devices again and turn the computer on. If the lines are gone, it means that this method has worked, and the residual power was the problem all along.

However, if the lines are still there before Windows fully loads, the video card or the video connection cable (HDMI or VGA) could be causing this problem.

Another reliable method you can use to detect the issue is to unplug the monitor from your computer and wait for the No Signal message to show up. If the lines are still there even when this message is on the screen – the monitor is the problem. 

One way of fixing this issue is by pressing the Menu button and then navigating to the Factory Settings mode. Choosing this mode will basically reset the monitor settings and “erase” any inadequate settings you may have applied. 

However, if the problem persists even after the monitor is back to its original settings, it is quite possible it is defective, and in the majority of cases, it is beyond repair. 

green lines on monitor horizontally

2. Refresh rate

One of the common issues that could be causing these green lines on your screen is the refresh rate. As we’ve mentioned, if it isn’t properly adjusted, the refresh rate could cause glitching and lines on your screen.

To adjust the refresh rate, right-click on the desktop and navigate to Screen Resolution. Now choose Advanced Settings, and then click on Monitor where you can lower the refresh rate.

If the lines are gone, you’ve successfully solved the problem.

3. Screen resolution

Another common mistake people make when adjusting the desktop settings is not setting the screen resolution according to the monitor specifications, and this could definitely cause annoying green lines all over the screen.

To adjust the screen resolution, go to Control Panel and click on Appearance and Personalization. Now click on Adjust Screen Resolution, and then choose the drop-down menu in the Resolution section.

In this menu, you will be able to see the recommended resolution for your monitor, and if the settings aren’t matching it, you can simply adjust it. 

4. Update graphic drivers

It is very important to keep your graphic drivers up to date since there are a lot of issues that could stem from outdated drivers – including green lines on the screen. 

You will need to update the graphic drivers from the Device Manager, which can be found when you right-click on the Start button

If there are any video cards or graphic drivers in the Device Manager that are marked with a yellow exclamation point, some kind of error message, question mark, or a down arrow, this means that an update is due. 

Double-click the drivers marked with a yellow exclamation mark, go to Properties, and finally hit Update Driver. After the update, it is necessary to restart the computer.

5. Replace or reconnect the cables

In case the cables haven’t been properly connected, or they’re defective, this is what could be causing lines on the screen that simply won’t go away no matter what you do.

If there’s no visible defect on the video or the ribbon cable, it still doesn’t mean that they’re functioning properly. Often, the video cable isn’t properly connected, which is why you should unplug it and then reconnect it and check if the lines are gone.

As for the ribbon cable, it is possible for both vertical and horizontal green lines to appear on the screen when the cable is defective. Try unplugging the cable and replacing it with a similar connection type.

If the lines are gone, there is certainly something wrong with the ribbon cable and it should be replaced

6. Display driver rollback

Oftentimes, the most effective solutions can seem a bit complicated, but all you need to do is follow the instructions closely:

  1. Press the Windows key + R which will open up Run. To access Device Manager, copy the following command: devmgmt.msc and press OK. 
  2. In the Device Manager window, find the Display Adapters and right-click on the display adapter currently used. Navigate to Properties, and then Driver.
  3. Find the Roll Back Driver button, and click on it if possible. In case this button is greyed out, you should simply skip to the following step. 

At this point, all you need to do is follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Once you’ve completed all the steps, the display driver will rollback

Once the process is complete, it is necessary to reboot the computer in order to see the changes. If the lines are gone from your screen, this means that you’ve successfully detected and accessed the issue.

As you can already tell, it may take some time to go through different methods and find what’s working in your particular case, but if you follow our tips closely, we’re sure you can get rid of the green lines on your monitor in no time!

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