Google Fiber Blinking Blue: 6 Ways To Easily Fix It

Today, we’re going to speak about Google fiber routers, which have been growing increasingly popular over the years. This is not unexpected given that they are among the most dependable on the market and have incredible speeds of up to 1000 MPs.

However, even the greatest technology has a tendency to slow down, and occasionally have issues connecting to the Internet Service Provider. For this reason, we’ll look at why is Google fiber router blinking blue and how to repair it.

This is happening for a variety of reasons. So we’ll have to do some troubleshooting and go through it in-depth, as well as how to quickly solve it on your own.

Why is the Google fiber network box blinking blue?

If you are one of the lucky people who received the new Google fiber router and expected it to operate beautifully but have encountered some connectivity difficulties, you’re in the right place.

Even the greatest equipment can have connection issues, and a flashing light on the router does not always indicate that there is a problem that needs to be resolved.

This is why it’s critical to understand that the various lights on this router indicate different things. While we’re here to talk about the blinking blue light, there are several other colors you should be aware of first.

  1. Solid red – A steady red light on your router shows that it is booting up and connecting for the first time. When you switch on the gadget, this is the first color you will notice. While red is frequently viewed as a troublesome hue in electronics, it does not indicate much more than a gadget starting up this time.
  2. Solid purple – After the first power-up procedure and the brilliant red color, your Google router will display a solid purple hue. This color shows that the connection is being formed and that the router is properly powered up.
  3. Blinking blue – After a few minutes, the blinking blue light will appear, indicating that the Google fiber router is attempting to communicate with your local internet service provider and that the connection is being created. Because this is the major topic of our post today, we’ll focus on routers that become stuck in this state later on.
  4. Solid blue – If everything goes as planned, your router should successfully connect to your internet service provider and the blue flickering light should turn solid blue. This indicates that a good connection has been established, and you may now browse the internet at a high and consistent speed.

But what if the router’s blue light starts to flash? There are several explanations for this happening on Google, but the key thing to remember is that a blinking light signals a problem with the connection.

Google fiber box blinking blue can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  1. Loose cable connection;
  2. Work on network maintenance
  3. Outdated firmware/other

To be able to solve this problem, you must first comprehend the indicator light and what it represents before attempting to adopt one of our ideas.

How to fix Google fiber blinking blue?

When you purchase the Google Fiber box you expect maximum internet speed and dependability, however, this does not always materialize due to unforeseen issues.

If your router does not display a solid blue color, which indicates that a proper connection has been formed, you may need to attempt to repair the connection.

1. Give it some time

While researching this topic and testing the equipment, we discovered that sometimes the best remedy for a blinking blue light is to wait it out. 

Because this light might indicate that there are connectivity issues or that an upgrade is downloading, you should be patient and allow it some time to address the issue on its own.

If there is any maintenance being done on the network, the entire neighborhood will be without internet access, and your router will be unable to connect to your internet service provider.

You may always call customer service and inquire whether there is any maintenance work going on right now that could cause your router to go down.

2. Check the cables

Because lights on the router can signal connection issues and you may have some equipment that isn’t working correctly, you should double-check all of the cables.

This covers all of the wires that come into and out of the device.

There should be no bent or broken components, and all connections should be securely fastened. This ensures that the cables are not the source of the flashing blue light, and you should look for another solution.

3. Reboot the router

The first step is to turn off the router if you want to see the blue blinking lights disappear on the gadget. It is simple to accomplish, but it takes time. There are several ways to restart your device, and we will discuss some of them.

You may always disconnect the gadget from the power supply for at least 10 seconds to restart it in an old-fashioned manner. After some time you may plug it back in and try to reconnect.

If you press the reset button on this device, Google routers will restart it manually. Keep the button pressed until a fast blinking purple light emerges, then wait until it completely turns off.

Once the light has turned off, give it another 10 seconds to completely shut down. It can be restarted in a few minutes using this technique.

Given that we’re talking about Google, you should anticipate a more contemporary way to resolving this problem. You may reset Google fiber using the fiber app, which is accessible for this device. It will allow you to remotely restart the router and do all of the work for you.

Once the router is back up and running, the blinking blue light should turn solid blue, and you should have an uninterrupted and speedy internet connection from then on.

If this does not cure the problem, you may always do it again, and restart the router a few times.

4. Reset the router

Sometimes a simple restart will not fix the connection problem, and you will need to do something more drastic to the device or reset it to factory settings.

This device reset will erase all information on it, so make sure to write down or remember all of your preferences, settings, and passwords. While a reset will take longer than a simple reboot, it will improve the performance of your router and connection.

Because you are removing all of the connectivity issues, you should be able to create a fresh connection to your internet service provider, which should resolve the blinking blue light.

Just be sure you correctly hit the reset button and give your router enough time to come back up and function normally.

5. Upgrade Firmware

As previously stated, the blue blinking light might signal that the firmware is being updated or that an upgrade is being downloaded

Because we’re talking about Google here, and they’re recognized for producing high-quality hardware and software, you should expect regular firmware upgrades.

This is highly helpful to you as a user since you will be protected against assaults, and it is generally done automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it.

However, if you notice a blinking light and are unsure whether it is caused by the update, you should be concerned.

The best thing you can do is give it some time because these updates are only valid for 30 minutes.

6. Contact support

If you tried all of our ideas and your internet connection is still not working, you should contact your internet service provider or, better yet, Google customer care.

If there is any maintenance work scheduled, your internet service provider will be able to notify you, and you should wait it out. 

If there is no maintenance work on the network, you may be experiencing problems with your equipment, and the agent may be able to assist.

On the other side, you could choose to contact Google customer service, since they are recognized for providing one of the top services in the world. 

Google representatives will be able to assist you with any queries you may have about their equipment and will notify you if there are any updates available that you must install or wait for to be installed automatically.

As you can see, there are several causes for the Google router blinking blue, some of which are unimportant while others require your immediate attention. 

If the blue light is caused by connection issues, you may attempt one of our ideas to quickly and easily rectify the matter.

Furthermore, if the issue was caused by malfunctioning equipment or software, you may need to download the most recent version of firmware or contact customer service to ensure that everything is back in working order.

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