Firestick Remote Blinking Orange? 7 Ways To Easily Fix It

The Amazon Firestick is, without a doubt, one of the most popular streaming devices nowadays. This tiny, USB-shaped device can transform your TV into a smart TV in a matter of seconds, allowing you to stream your favorite shows and movies.

However, what can certainly bring down the excitement about your movie night or a binge-watching session of your favorite show is a Firestick remote blinking orange.

In case you can’t figure out why your Firestick remote isn’t working properly, or you need ways to fix the connection between the Firestick device and the remote, keep on reading. 

Why is your Firestick remote blinking orange?

Once you purchase and install Amazon’s Firestick streaming device, you will only be able to control it with its Firestick remote

With the Firestick streaming device, you will be able to stream all your favorite movies and TV series from Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and other platforms. 

However, a blinking orange light on your remote may indicate that the remote has lost the connection to the device, and you will be unable to start, pause, or stop the content.

What kind of problem does a flashing orange light on your remote indicate? Here are the most common possibilities.

1. Multiple Firestick devices in your home

In case you have multiple Firestick devices in your household, this could cause connectivity issues, even if they’re not located in the same room.

If your remote is blinking orange and you’re unable to control a Firestick device with it and play the desired content, make sure that the remote isn’t paired with another Firestick device in your household. 

2. Too many Bluetooth devices connected to your TV

Amazon Fire TV, like many other streaming devices, often entails a Bluetooth connection. In case your Fire TV device pairs via Bluetooth, it could be that the connection is overloaded.

The remote could be blinking orange because there are too many Bluetooth devices connected to the TV, and this is making it hard for the remote to connect to the Firestick system. 

3. Fire TV Stick isn’t properly connected

A blinking orange light on your Fire TV Stick remote doesn’t necessarily have to indicate that there is something wrong with the remote itself.

In many cases, the issue lies in the Firestick connections. Perhaps the device isn’t properly plugged into your TV, some of the cables are loose or damaged, or there is an issue with the power adapter or outlet, and the Fire TV stick isn’t getting enough power. 

In case the Firestick device isn’t functioning properly, this could be the reason why you’re unable to play any content using the remote. 

4. Outdated software

Just like any other streaming service system, Amazon Firestick also requires regular updates to avoid any delays and bugs.

The flickering orange light on your remote could be a reminder that the Firestick system needs to be updated to the most recent software and that the one you’re using at the moment is outdated. 

5. Remote batteries

As with any other remote, if the batteries in your Firestick remote have expired, you will be unable to control the Fire TV Stick system.

In case you’ve just added brand new batteries, the problem could be in the placement, as you may have mismatched the positive and negative ends. 

6. The remote is in discovery mode

Yet another possible explanation behind a flickering orange light on your Firestick remote is that the remote is in discovery mode. This basically means that the remote is searching for an available Fire TV Stick device to pair with. 

In case the orange blinking persists and your Fire TV Stick device is available (turned on and not connected to another remote) but the connection isn’t established, there is a problem with the device, or you’re experiencing connectivity issues. 

How to fix a Firestick remote blinking orange

The following methods should not only help you get rid of the annoying blinking orange light on your Firestick remote but also get rid of any system bugs and ensure that the Fire TV Stick device is properly connected. 

1. Check other Fire TV Stick connections

In case you have multiple Firestick devices in your household, it is possible that the remote you’re using is connected to another device, not the one you’re currently trying to control.

That being said, it is necessary to ensure that your remote is currently connected to the Fire TV Stick in questionAlso, ensure that these Firestick devices aren’t positioned too close to one another, as this kind of problem could occur frequently.

2. Disconnect some Bluetooth devices

Too many Bluetooth connections on your TV could cause connectivity issues and basically confuse the remote, which is why you’re seeing an orange light.

In case there are seven or more Bluetooth connections, make sure to disconnect some of them to allow your remote to pair with the Firestick device. 

3. Ensure that the Fire TV Stick device is properly connected

The smallest problem in the connections of your Firestick could lead to connectivity issues. You want to make sure that every single component is plugged all the way in and tightened so there are no loose connections.

It is also necessary that the power outlet, as well as the power adapter, are free of any damage, as both the TV and the Firestick must get enough power in order to function properly.

Sometimes, the flashing orange light on the remote points to a connection issue between the Fire TV Stick and the HDMI port. In this case, you could try using a different HDMI port, and then check if the orange light goes away. 

4. Get the newest updates/software

In case you’re running on outdated software, this issue could be affecting the connection between the remote and the Firestick device.

It is necessary to download the most recent version of the software or the latest updates for your Firestick system to avoid any delays or bugs.

You can easily check if there are any pending updates by logging into your account. Go to Settings on your Fire TV, and click on My Fire TV.

Click on About. Then, navigate to Check for System Update. There may also be some pending updates specifically for your Firestick remote.

To update the remote system, go to Fire TV Settings, click on Controllers and Bluetooth Devices, and select Amazon Fire TV Remotes. Find your remote and install any pending updates.

Once the updates have been installed, place the remote close to the Firestick device, press the Home button and hold it for about 10 seconds to start the pairing process. 

5. Change the batteries

Open up the remote and make sure that the batteries are positioned correctly (both positive ends should be pointing to the top of the remote).

In case the batteries have expired, replace them with new AAA batteries.

6. Use the Firestick app

If you’re unable to control the Firestick system via the remote, you may use the Fire TV Stick app until you get a new remote or have it repaired.

However, keep in mind that this trick will only work if your phone is connected to the same WiFi network as your Fire TV device.

To control your Fire TV Stick system via the app, download the Fire TV app and ensure that your phone is connected to the same WiFi network you’re using for Fire TV. 

Launch the app, and then find your device and use on-screen navigation to play your favorite content via your Fire TV device. 

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