Fios Router Blinking White: What It Means and 5 Ways to Fix It

Verizon’s Fios Router is one of the most versatile networking devices around. It’s able to handle all your internet needs, whether that be through Ethernet, Coaxial, or Wi-Fi. 

By and large, both this router as well as Verizon’s service are considered pretty reliable, generally not causing any issues after that initial setup.

However, as with any kind of electronic equipment, sometimes issues can occur that need addressing. One such issue that can occur specifically on the Fios router is that the LED on the front of the device may start to blink white.

This could indicate a number of issues that are fortunately quite easy to solve at home. Today we are going to both explain to you what those issues are and how you can go about fixing them.

Why is your Fios Router Blinking White?

White is not the only color you might see on your router. In fact, there are five potential colors that may be displayed, some of which may precede the blinking white light.

These are as follows:

  • Red indicates a serious issue, which can be a hardware fault or overheating.
  • Yellow shows there is currently no connection to the internet.
  • Green shows the Wi-Fi has been de-activated at the user’s end.
  • Blue means it is currently pairing (while blinking) and paired (solid blue).
  • White means it is currently booting (fast blinking) and experiencing normal operation (solid white).

This means that under normal operation, a blinking white light may follow a hard reset of the device and shows that it is currently rebooting and connecting back to Verizon’s service.

Currently rebooting

The syncing process is a natural part of the router’s boot procedure and is to be expected after any manual reboot or firmware update.

If you just wait for a while, it may turn solid white by itself, which indicates that everything is fine.

However, if it continues to blink white, it may indicate a problem that is stopping the rebooting process from successfully completing. These are the potential issues that can cause this to happen.

Unable to connect

If the blinking continues for a prolonged period of time, it may indicate that the router is unable to complete its connection to Verizon services. This carries with it a myriad of potential issues that can be either hardware or software related. It may even be an issue with the service at Verizon’s end. 

Defective LED light

The kind of blinking you should see from the white light is that of a consistent and steady blinking pattern, kind of like a clock ticking.

If you notice that the blinking is erratic or there is an unusual dimming of the light, it may indicate a defective or damaged LED light. This should technically not affect the overall operation of the device, but it can make reading the front panel’s information more difficult, so it might be worth contacting Verizon for additional support.

A hardware malfunction

There are numerous causes for a hardware malfunction, so if you find your device becomes unresponsive and you are not able to log into the device on a computer, you may need to power the device off and give it a “hard reset” to regain control.

If the hardware issue continues, then Verizon will need to be contacted for a replacement device.

Software issue

Out of date or defective software can also cause a host of issues that might cause the front panel to respond incorrectly. This will require double-checking that both the router’s firmware and any associated software/apps are up to date.

How to fix Fios router blinking white

Now that you know about the potential causes of the issue, there is a logical set of easy fixes that you can try that stand a good chance of fixing whatever issue is causing the white light to continually blink.

Try these fixes in sequential order to ensure the best possible chance of fixing the issue before you have to contact Verizon directly.

Check all cables/connections

Even if you are sure you plugged everything in, there are many reasons why a connection can come loose, and it’s worth double-checking all cables are seated correctly.

For the Ethernet cable, you should hear a definitive click when it is seated properly. It’s very common for the little tab that secures them in place to break off, so if you don’t hear that click, the cable might need to be replaced.

The power cable is also susceptible to working itself loose, particularly if the router is ever lifted up and placed back down (when dusting or cleaning, for example).

In addition to that, also check that none of the cables are obviously frayed or have any exposed wire. Things like pets chewing on them to accidentally running over them with the vacuum may cause damage that can prevent them from functioning correctly.

Reboot the router

Once you are sure all the cables are seated and secure, the next thing to try is a simple hard reboot of the device.

This is a simple process where all you need to do is unplug the device from the power, wait for about a minute, and then plug it back in.

Wait a good five minutes for it to fully restart and let it run through its initialization process, which may fix the issue.

Check the ISP for issues

Internet service providers will very commonly experience service outages in particular areas, or they might have to temporarily suspend service to an area while they perform maintenance or upgrades.

You can check the current status of Verizon’s covers and identify power outages by using their “service outage” page, located here.

If the service is not currently available in your area, then you simply need to wait for that service to return, and your Fios router’s white light should turn solid by itself.

Restore factory default settings

NOTE: This will completely erase all stored settings and login credentials, so make sure you write down a copy of your settings and have all login details backed up before performing this action.

This will completely restore the router back to its original state of how it would have shipped from the factory. This can help reverse any issues that have occurred after its initial set up, such as a faulty firmware upgrade.

This is a simple procedure that can be performed using the following steps:

  1. Locate the reset button on the back of the Fios router.
  2. Press and hold this button in for 20 seconds.
  3. Let go of the reset butting, and the router will begin its rebooting process.
  4. The white light will be blinking during this time, so wait a few minutes until this stops.

Contact Verizon support

If all the above suggestions have been unsuccessful, the next step is to contact Verizon to talk to one of their tech specialists.

Some issues are either too difficult to identify by yourself, or simply require the hardware to be replaced. In this case, Verizon router support may ask you some initial questions about the current steps you have already taken to troubleshoot the issue.

Once they have ascertained both the issue and the steps you have already performed, they may refer you to a technician.

Alternatively, if they are sure the device is at fault and needs to be replaced, they will simply send you a new hardware unit to replace the current one.


Here are some common questions people have when dealing with their Fios router blinking white.

Why is my Verizon Fios box blinking?

There are multiple reasons that can cause a blinking light. The exact cause is determined by the color of the light and the speed at which is it blinking.

  • A slow blinking red light means the router has failed to pair with the network.
  • A fast blinking red light means the device is overheating.
  • A slow blinking blue light means the device is currently pairing and you should wait for it to finish.
  • A fast blinking white light means the router is currently booting (usually present after a reset of firmware upgrade).

Of course, these are the standard causes of a blinking light that assume the device is currently working and operational.

If you have a hardware issue such as a defective light or broken cable, these may blink for other reasons and require additional support to rectify.

What color should the light be on my Fios router?

Under standard operation, a solid white light is most desirable. This means your router is powered on, has established a connection to the network, and has a good internet connection.

After a reset, your router will blink blue while it’s pairing, and then you will receive a solid blue light to indicate the pairing is successful. This is a good thing. Just wait a bit, and it should turn white.

How do I reboot my Verizon Fios router?

There are three kinds of reboots you can perform to your Fios router.

The first is a “soft reset,” which will simply restart the device without powering off. To do this, you can simply press the “reset” button on the back of the router. This can oftentimes rectify small connection issues and bugs.

The next is a “hard reset.” This involves turning the device off and unplugging it from the power. Then, you should wait an additional minute or so to let the power fully dissipate from the device before plugging it back in and booting it up. This can solve some of the more troublesome issues.

Then, as a last resort, you can perform a “factory restore.” This involves holding the reset button in for 20 seconds and then releasing it. This will completely wipe all your user-stored settings and login credentials and completely reset the router back to the state it would have shipped from the factory. This can help solve things such as a faulty firmware upgrade.

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