Cox Internet Slow At Night: 7 Ways To Fix It

Internet is used not just for work and education, but also for pleasure and amusement, providing us with much-needed downtime and enjoyment. When we’re watching a show or movie, one of the worst things that can happen is to have a video that keeps buffering because of a poor internet connection.

In fact, even though Cox is one of the top internet service providers, there are instances when the internet becomes sluggish or even loses connectivity.

This is more common at night, and there’s a reason behind it. We will explain why Cox’s internet is slow at night and how to fix it quickly.

Why does Cox Internet slow down at night?

Like most internet service providers, Cox ensures that there is adequate high-quality equipment to fulfill the requests from diverse consumers. Having said that, some customers find that Cox internet is slow at night and ask whether there is anything they can do about it.

The explanation for this occurrence is simple: the majority of individuals are online at that time. That is, everyone wants to unwind at night after a long day at school or work, so they make full use of the network.

When everyone tries to download shows, watch movies, and stream video games at the same time, the network becomes congested, and the internet becomes slower and less responsive.

How to fix Cox Internet Slow At Night?

Even though this is a terrible experience to have every night, several easy fixes will cure the problem and allow you to have a quicker and more consistent internet connection

Before you begin addressing the problem, consider how many people in the household are using the Internet and why, because this will usually give you the answer as to why the connection is so slow.

Let’s have a look at all the measures you can take to get a better and quicker internet connection:

Restart the router

This may sound like common sense, but a sluggish internet connection might be the consequence of a router that is not operating correctly. To ensure that this is not the cause of your slow internet throughout the night, restart it from time to time.

This should be the first and most straightforward procedure, that will just take a few moments to complete.

To fully restart or reboot your router, unplug the power cord or flip the device’s on/off switch. Allow some time after turning off the router before plugging it back in.

The rebooted router will establish new connections to your internet service provider, perhaps resolving the sluggish internet issue. 

If it does not work, you can try some of our other ideas.

Connect using an Ethernet cable

Although we are now accustomed to having strong and consistent Wi-Fi connections with Cox, there are always alternative possibilities. Since the Wi-Fi signal might be the primary reason for internet slowness, you may choose to connect your devices via ethernet cable.

Given that your computer is directly linked to the router, this cable provides a better internet connection, quicker data transmission, and an overall more dependable online experience.

The Wi-Fi connection is adequate, but it can be hindered by numerous reasons such as thick walls, other devices, and a large number of users, so consider using an Ethernet cable if you want the greatest internet connection available.

Make use of the 5GHz band

If the ethernet cable is not for you, or if you desire a quicker internet connection on your mobile devices, there is another option.

The majority of routers now feature two bands, one at 2.4GHz and one at 5GHz. While the 2,4GHz band is older, more popular, and has certain advantages like coverage, but the connection may be a little slower.

If you choose the 5GHz band, you will most likely get a stronger Wi-Fi signal as well as a quicker internet connection. 

This is because this band has less interference from other devices and neighbors, resulting in an outstanding connection and rapid data transfer over short distances.

Schedule downloads

The average internet user may not notice that the internet is slower at night, but if you have a large family or roommates, you may need to arrange your downloads.

With the understanding that download and streaming are the most demanding jobs on the network, you should plan ahead of time and complete all work before the night congestion begins

This allows you to access the internet at night for little chores and urgent concerns, while larger data transfers are completed while the internet service providers are operating at peak speed.

Limit Wi-Fi connections

While we are on the issue of many internet users, you might wish to search your Wi-Fi network for all connected devices. When the network is already crowded, adding more devices would just slow the internet at night.

Remember to only give your Wi-Fi password to people in the house, because otherwise anyone in the right range can connect to your router and use your Internet. The password should be complicated enough not to be guessed by anyone but you or the people closest to you.

On this matter, it’s always better to choose a password that contains random letters and numbers, rather than personal information like your name or the name of your pet.

Since numerous users will almost certainly make a decent connection impossible, disconnect all unknown devices and guests, as well as an upgrade to stronger passwords, and safeguard your network.

Contact Customer Service

While it is normal for Cox internet speeds to slow down at certain hours, any severe disconnection or lag should be reported to your internet service provider.

There might be some network maintenance work to be done, or there could be some malfunctioning equipment that has to be replaced. This might imply that the problem will be resolved within a few hours and that internet speed will improve as a result.

Cox is recognized for having one of the most rapid customer care departments, so they should be able to assist you very fast.

Upgrade Internet

If none of the previous recommendations worked and you notice your internet slower at night, you may need to rethink your internet subscription and maybe upgrade.

While most customers are satisfied with the most common base package if you believe you may benefit from increased speed and data transmission, contact customer service.

Cox provides a variety of offerings for different users that meet all of their demands, so you can be sure that there is something for everyone.

Tips To Improve Your Internet Connection At Night

All of our prior research and recommendations should fix the problem of the internet worse at night, but are there any further suggestions for a better connection in general?

Yes! There are tried-and-true techniques for increasing your internet speed, and we will go through them all.

Relocate your router

When dealing with a sluggish internet connection, many people fail to consider the placement of the router. While most of them have a modern style that would look fantastic in any house, we still find it easier to hide them behind the TV or even in the cabinet.

The rule should be to do the exact opposite. The router and modem should be located higher up in the house, away from other equipment and thick walls.

This will guarantee that the Wi-Fi signal is well covered and that there are fewer risks of signal loss or obstruction. At the same time, this will give you faster network speeds and improved responsiveness.

Use Ad Blocker

While we all understand that advertisements are necessary for any company, no matter how inconvenient interruptions may be, there is a problem with advertisements and internet speeds.

Ads may appear to be harmless, but they might take a long time to upload, reducing internet speed and efficiency.

To avoid this, consider installing one of the numerous ad-blockers available. These third-party applications are intended to detect and remove advertisements before they begin downloading and causing your Cox internet to slow down.


Many of us are unaware of the value of high-quality antivirus software and what it can do for you. In addition to making it safer for you to use the internet, antivirus software may also increase its speed.

Antivirus software is designed to protect you against online dangers and identify and remove malware and spyware that are already on your devices. These malicious applications not only cause a slew of issues but also slow down your internet connection.

Install a good antivirus software and remember to keep it up to date, in order to have a safe and quick internet experience.

Change your browser

While we are all accustomed to using specific browsers for our everyday internet browsing, it may be a good idea to experiment with different browsers from time to time.

While they are all based on the same idea, some browsers perform better than others, and with so many options available, you may quickly create a new one and give it a try.

Additionally, try to keep the number of tabs open at the same time to a minimum, since this might slow down the speed of your internet response.

Clearing the cache and cookies regularly can also improve the performance of your internet and the device you are using. There are many free-to-use cleaner software online that serve this specific purpose, so you may want to look them up and start improving your browsing experience now!

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