Chromecast Blinking White: 8 Easy Ways to Fix It

Since Google’s Chromecast released, it has come in it’s become one of the most widely used streaming adapters around, giving you instant access to a ton of different streaming apps, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Twitch.

One of its big selling points is its simplicity, you plug it into the back of your TV’s HDMI port, and it will wirelessly stream shows and entertainment directly into your TV. Just control it with the provided app or remote, and you’re good to go!

However, despite the device’s simplicity, some users run into trouble where the LED light on the side of the device continually blinks white, leading to much confusion!

So today, we’ll walk you through what this blinking white light means and how to fix it so you can get back to enjoying your streamed content as soon as possible!

Why is your Chromecast blinking white?

If you see a solid or slightly dimmed white light, it means the device is set up and ready to go. However, if that light is slowly pulsing, there is a connection problem, and the device is still waiting to be set up.

Let’s look at what might cause this white blinking light issue.

A fresh install

The most common reason why there is a pulsing white light on the side of your Google Chromecast device is that it’s a new device and has yet to be set up.

The setup process is relatively simple and will require you to download the relevant Google Chromecast app from the android store and have a working mobile internet or WiFi connection in your home.

If this is your first time using the device, this is very normal, and you should follow the steps outlined in the setup process. 

However, if you have already set up the device or used it previously and are still experiencing the blinking white light, continue reading as it may indicate an issue with the setup.

Power cycle the TV

If you have used the Chromecast dongle for a while and suddenly ran into the blinking white light issue, Google recommends turning off the TV and waiting a minute or two before turning it back on.

This is a nice and simple solution that works for many users.

Incorrect HDMI port detected

These days TVs will often have multiple HDMI inputs, so you can keep multiple devices plugged into the TV at one time and conveniently switch between them with the press of a button.

You may have the incorrect HDMI port on the TV, which Chromecast will pick up as a nonfunctioning signal and display the white LED.

We can establish the connection to the Chromecast dongle and fix the white light issue by addressing which HDMI input is displayed on the TV.

Incorrectly seated cables

One thing that can be a little troublesome about Chromecast devices is that they are pretty small and designed to hang out the back of your TV under their weight.

For the most part, this works fine as the HDMI and USB connection it uses should be reasonably solid. However, if it’s getting old, been bumped, or you’re using cheaper third-party cables, perhaps they are not securely seated, resulting in the device’s inability to establish a good connection.

Poor WiFi signal

The Chromecast device receives the images it needs to send to your TV via WiFi, so if the WiFi connection is weak, it won’t be able to establish a consistent connection and thus suffer from the blinking white light problem.

There are some steps we can take to improve the WiFi signal to the Chromecast device, or in some severe cases, a WiFi extender can be used.

Resetting your Network connection may also help in this case too.

Poor power source

The Chromecast can be powered from a plug, but many like to self-power the device using the USB  port on their television. 

For the most part, this works very well. However, if you are experiencing the blinking white light issue, it may indicate a power issue, in which case trying an alternate power source may fix the problem.

Location services are not turned on

Chromecast requires location services to be turned on within your smartphone settings for the Home app to access your network’s WiFi.

If this is not enabled by default, you may need to manually switch this on before the Chromecast can establish the connection and not blink white.

How to fix a Chromecast blinking white

Now that we’ve looked at the primary reasons why your Chromecast device will get stuck blinking white, we can go through how to fix this problem.

Follow the listed suggestions in order, and you’ll have your Chromecast back to working order in an instant!

Initial set up of the device

If your Chromecast is new and has yet to be set up, you will get the white blinking light until you have gone through the initial startup process. Once you have done this, providing everything else is in order, your white light should change to a solid white LED, meaning it’s ready to go.

Here’s how to initially set up your Chromecast:

  1. Ensure the device is plugged into the TV and a power source
  2. Download the Google Home App; you can do this on your smartphone using the app store, Google Play Store, or a desktop computer, whichever is your preferred method to control the Chromecast
  3. Once the app is downloaded, open up the Google Home app
  4. On the top left of the Gome Home App main screen, tap the ‘+’ icon and then click Set up device > New device
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish setting everything up

And that’s it! Your device is now ready to stream. 

If you find that your light is still blinking white after this step, keep reading.

Power Cycle your television

As recommended by Google, a simple ‘full reset’ of your TV can often work out minor bugs or glitches preventing the google cast from connecting.

To do this, turn off the TV, completely unplug the TV and Chromecast from the power sources, and let them sit for 1-2 minutes.

Then plug them back in and turn everything on. You will be surprised how often this fixes the issue!

Choose the correct HDMI port

If your TV is set to display HDMI 1 and you have accidentally plugged the Chromecast into HDMI 2, the image will not show, and the Chromecast will display the white blinking light to let you know it wasn’t able to establish the connection.

Try changing the HDMI number on your TV, or plug the Chromecast into a different HDMI port to establish the connection to the TV.

Double-check that the cables are securely seated

Sometimes cables can work themselves loose over time, even when they haven’t completely separated from the device just being a little out is enough to prevent it from establishing a connection.

It’s well worth double checking that all power and HDMI cables are nicely seated by removing them entirely and then re-plugging them back in firmly.

Poor WiFi reception

Chromecast relies on a good WiFi connection to stream its content to your TV. So when your router’s signal is weak, it may prevent the Chromecast from establishing a connection, thus leading to the blinking white light error.

There are many ways to increase your WiFi’s signal strength, ranging from adjusting the router’s position to updating its firmware. If you believe this is an issue, follow these steps to help increase your WiFi connection to the Chromecast dongle.

Poor source of power

Sometimes if you are powering the device from a USB connection that isn’t able to supply adequate power, such as an older USB plug or one that is damaged, then the Chromecast won’t be able to function correctly.

Consider swapping to a wall plug or changing to a different USB slot to ensure your google cast is receiving enough power to work correctly.

Turn on location services

Location services are an essential function of the Google Home app, which is required to make the Chromecast device work.

If you are using an iPhone, you can turn on the location services by clicking on the ‘settings’ app, navigating to privacy, and making sure ‘Location Services’ near the top is toggled to ‘ON.’

If you have an Android device,  you can navigate to settings, choosing ‘location,’ and again toggling it to ‘ON.’

Contact Google support

If none of the above suggestions have worked for you, it may indicate a hardware issue with your device that you cannot rectify at home.

In this scenario, you can contact Google support, which will generally issue you with a brand new device that will fix this problem.

You can contact Google Support for Chromecast specifically here.

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