Cant Send Instagram Posts to Group Chats? Here are 5 Quick Fixes to send message successfully

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world with millions of users. However, even the most popular apps are not free from occasional bugs and issues, and one such issue that many Instagram users face is the inability to send DM messages or posts to group chats. This can be frustrating, especially when the messages and posts are crucial, and the issue persists even after multiple attempts. Below are five quick fixes to resolve the issue and send messages without interruption. 

What is the problem with sending DM on Instagram group chats?

There are several issues that you might face when you send a DM in Instagram group chats, including:

Failed to send message error

One of the most common errors that Instagram users face while sending a message in a group chat is the “failed to send message” error. This error usually occurs when there is a problem with your internet connection, or there is a glitch in the Instagram app.

Unable to send direct message in the group chat

Another issue that users might face in an Instagram group chat is the inability to send a direct message to a specific user. This issue might occur if the user has restricted direct messages from people who are not their followers.

Error on instagram DM message “Couldn’t send message, try again”

If you receive an error message stating “Couldn’t send message, try again,” it could mean that Instagram is facing issues with its servers. This issue usually resolves on its own after a while.

Reasons why you failed to send message in Instagram group chat?

Apart from the issues mentioned above, there could be other reasons why you may not be able to send messages in an Instagram group chat, such as:

Glitch in the Instagram app

Occasionally, there might be a glitch in the Instagram app that could be causing the issue. Try restarting the app to see if that fixes the issue. It also can be the difference between two operating system, such as iOS and Android might cause the conflict. 

Screenshot overload – too many DMs in chat

If you’re trying to send a message to a group with many members, there might be an overload of screenshots that might be causing the issue. In such cases, try sending messages in smaller groups to avoid the issue.

Instagram is facing downtime

 Bugs not only affected Instagram, but also its parent company Facebook, as well as other apps owned by Facebook such as WhatsApp. While the outage was frustrating for users, the companies involved swiftly worked to fix the issue and restore service as quickly as possible. The incident serves as a reminder of the intricate systems that underpin our daily lives, and how fragile they can be in the face of a major glitch or error. The bug caused the program to crash whenever a certain user input was entered, making it unusable for a large portion of the intended audience. 

You are using a slow-speed internet connection

The communication between your device and the server which can cause errors while sending DMs. It can also be due to technical glitches in the app or website, outdated software, or insufficient storage space on your device.

The user who you are trying to send messages has blocked you on Instagram

Sometimes, among your group chat you are trying to send texts, having one person who just has blocked you so your messages will not be delivered to them. However, the notification of sending error only for the person blocking you, you can still send messages to other people in the group chat, and they will receive your messages without any problem. 

You are using an outdated version of Instagram

The reminder to update the app is usually a great feature for many users, as it ensures the app is up-to-date with the newest functionalities and bug fixes. 

instagram problem popup

How to fix the problem cant send posts to group?

If you’re still facing issues with failed message when using Instagram, here are some quick fixes that might help your account working properly as following: 

Check the internet connection on your device

As mentioned earlier, a weak internet connection might be the cause of the issue. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before sending any messages on Instagram. Try turning off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and then turning it back on again to refresh the internet connection.

Update Instagram and clear cache on app

Updating the app to the latest version then clearing the app’s cache might help resolve the issue. Clearing the cache and data of the Instagram app can also help resolve any issues that may be preventing messages from being sent. To do this, go to your phone’s settings > apps > Instagram > storage > clear cache and clear data.

Restrictions on your account

Check if there are any restrictions on your Instagram account: Sometimes, if your account has been temporarily blocked or flagged for suspicious activity, it may prevent you from sending messages. Check your account settings to see if there are any restrictions in place. 

Reinstall Instagram app

Finally, if none of the above fixes works, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app. This should usually fix any persistent issues that you might be facing. In conclusion, facing issues with sending messages on Instagram can be frustrating, but hopefully, with the above quick fix Instagram, you can resolve the issue of Instagram failed to send message. 

Contact Instagram support

 If none of these solutions work, you can reach out to Instagram’s customer support for further assistance. You can visit Instagram’s Help Center and click on the “Report a hacked account” option. From there, you can provide details about your issue and request support from their customer service team. You may also be able to contact them through their official social media accounts or by emailing them directly. It’s important to be patient and provide as much information as possible to help them resolve the issue.


Q: Why am I still having issues with Instagram sending messages even after trying some fixes?

A: If you are still having issues sending messages on Instagram even after trying some of the recommended fixes, it is possible that there is an ongoing issue with the Instagram servers. In this case, you may need to wait for the problem to resolve on its own. 

Q: Can’t send images or videos on Instagram?

A: If you are unable to send photos or videos on Instagram, try checking if you have sufficient storage space on your device. If that is not the issue, try logging out and back in to your account, or try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if it resolves the issue.

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