Best Batteries for Blink Camera: Top 7 Picks in 2023

These cameras use Wi-Fi to connect to a smartphone app, allowing the homeowner to easily monitor their home from anywhere. Blink cameras provide HD video quality, motion detection, and even night vision. They also have a long battery life and can be used indoors or outdoors. Additionally, Blink products offer cloud storage for recorded footage, making it easy to review any activity captured by the camera. However, finding these batteries for your Blink security cameras can be a daunting task due to the variety of battery types and specifications available on the market.

What are Blink Cameras and The Batteries Recommended for Blink Cameras?

Understanding Blink Cameras

Blink cameras connect to Wi-Fi and allow users to monitor their home security or office from any location using the Blink app on their smartphone or tablet. Digital cameras can capture video in high definition and have a night vision feature. They also include motion detection and a live view mode, so users can check in on their property at any time. Blink cameras offer live streaming and motion detection features, and they can record and store video footage on the cloud or locally on an SD card.

Battery Specifications for Blink Cameras

Blink cameras use AA 1.5v lithium batteries. The battery compartment is located on the back of the camera, which can be opened by pressing down on a latch. Blink cameras require two AA batteries to operate, and they can last for several months, depending on usage and battery type. It is important to note that using non-recommended batteries can potentially damage the camera and void the warranty.

Do Blink Cameras Use non-Rechargeable Batteries or Lithium-ion Batteries?

Blink cameras can use both non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries. However, lithium batteries are recommended for optimal performance and longevity. Lithium batteries can withstand extreme temperatures better than rechargeable alkaline batteries and last longer, making them ideal for outdoor use.

How to Choose the Best Batteries for Blink Camera?

Battery Type, Voltage, and Capacity

When choosing a battery for your Blink camera, it is important to consider the battery type, voltage, and capacity. Lithium batteries are recommended for optimal performance and longevity, but alkaline and rechargeable batteries can also work. The voltage of the battery should be 1.5V to ensure compatibility with the Blink camera, and the capacity should be high enough to last for several months.

Battery Life and Durability

The battery life and durability are also important factors to consider when choosing a battery for your Blink camera. AA lithium batteries can last longer and are more durable than alkaline batteries, making them ideal for outdoor use. Rechargeable batteries are cost-effective and can be recharged hundreds of times, but their battery life may vary depending on usage.

Extreme Temperature Performance

If you plan to use your Blink camera outdoors, it is important to choose a battery that can withstand extreme temperatures. Lithium batteries are known for their performance in extreme temperatures and can continue to function in temperatures as low as -40°F.

What are the Best Batteries for Blink Cameras?


Battery Cell Composition: lithium | Rechargeable: no | Extreme Temperatures: from -40 to 140°F | mAH: 3500

Making from superior lithium material, Energizer batteries accurately regulate voltage and boast an extended lifespan (maintaining their mAH for over 20 years when stored). The batter components don’t harm a camera as the large capacity for long-term use.

They can also work in extreme temperatures from -40 to 140°F. Therefore, batteries are suitable for use in both extreme cold and hot environments. Additionally, they are designed with moisture protection, allowing them to operate effectively even in areas with high humidity. It should be noted that they come with a high per-unit cost.                                           

Duracell Optimum

Battery Cell Composition: alkaline | Rechargeable: no | Extreme Temperatures: 70°F | mAH: 3350

Duracell Optimum have maintained its popularity for several consecutive years because of its impeccable combination of functionality and affordability. They can operate for more than 10 continuous days (or exceeding 200 hours) even with demanding usage. Additionally, their lifespan extends up to a decade. 

The durability of the cameras is influenced by their good construction, being sealed and designed to prevent corrosion. This specific kit is meant for indoor use in offices or homes, despite potential battery drainage in cold temperatures. 

Duracell 4-Count Pack

Battery Cell Composition: alkaline | Rechargeable: yes | Extreme Temperatures: from −0,4°F to 130°F | mAH: 2650

Another kind of Duracell battery with sealed blocks offer superior protection against external factors, making them ideal for use in waterproof security cameras. 

The batteries function consistently in the hottest conditions or in structures lacking air conditioning, but they are not engineered for usage in frigid climates. Duracell batteries are rechargeable and can be recharged over 100 times. Nevertheless, because they are affordable, you will need to buy a universal battery charger separately. 

Bevigor AA Lithium

Battery Cell Composition: lithium | Rechargeable: no | Extreme Temperatures: -40° F to 140° F | mAH: 3000

Bevigor batteries for Blink cameras have become known for the ability to withstand thermal shocks and can operate within a temperature range from -40° F to 140° F. They are made using lithium and provide three-level protection against power surges.

Additionally, these batteries are 100% sealed and waterproof, allowing you to effortlessly use them in outdoor cameras. As for their longevity, a single pack of these lutein batteries can power a camera for up to seven consecutive days.

Amazon Basic

Battery Cell Composition: alkaline | Rechargeable: no | Extreme Temperatures: from −0,4°F to 130°F | mAH: 2400

Amazon Basics batteries have become popular with a reasonable price tag and offer excellent quality. The alkaline composition and safety features like sealed and moisture-proof design minimize the chances of corrosion and accidents. 

In addition, they possess an exceptional insulating ring that assists in preventing a brief electrical connection and preserving optimal performance with limited variations in temperature and electrical power fluctuations. When it comes to longevity, the Blink camera batteries are capable of enduring for more than a decade. If you utilize them frequently in an outdoor security camera setup, their power supply will be satisfactory for a period of ten or more days.

 Enegitech 16 Pack

Battery Cell Composition: lithium-ion | Rechargeable: no | Extreme Temperatures: from −40°F to 140°F | mAH: 3000

The batteries have a lengthy period of time in which they can be stored without losing their charge, with a CE certification indicating they can last for up to 10 years on a shelf. Even if the AA size is completely used up, it is constructed to prevent leakage and safeguard your equipment for as long as 2 years.

Boasting the largest AA battery capacity available, these batteries provide a remarkably enduring and trustworthy source of power for all your devices; no more worried about running out of power. Constructed using eco-friendly materials without any Hg/Cd/Ph, batteries pose no threat to the environment. They are compatible with numerous gadgets and are ideal for operating household equipment.

Hixon Rechargeable

Battery Cell Composition: NiMH | Rechargeable: yes | Extreme Temperatures: from −4°F to 140°F | mAH: 2330

If you’re searching for rechargeable options with high capacity, Hixon is an excellent battery for Blink cameras. Their recharge cycles are the finest ones you can find, with a limit of up to 1600, and they proudly offer built-in safeguards against current overloads. However, it’s worth noting that they aren’t appropriate for Blink cameras used outdoors, and their capacity dwindles after 200 cycles.

Moreover, these batteries are eco-friendly and free from any traces of Hg/Pb/Cd. Furthermore, a noteworthy benefit of this commodity is the inclusion of an authentic charger for four batteries within the package.

How to Replace the Battery in Your Blink Camera?

Step-by-Step Guide for Replacing Blink Camera Battery

To replace the battery in your Blink camera, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your camera by pressing the button on the back of the unit.
  2. Press down on the latch on the back of the camera to open the battery compartment.
  3. Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones, making sure to match the polarity of the batteries with the markings on the compartment.
  4. Close the battery compartment and turn on your camera.

Battery Replacement for Blink XT and XT2 Cameras

Blink XT and XT2 cameras require a battery pack for power instead of individual batteries. To replace the battery pack, follow the same steps as above but remove the battery pack instead of individual batteries. 

Recommended Replacement Batteries for Blink Cameras 

The recommended replacement batteries for Blink cameras are lithium batteries with a voltage of 1.5V. Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA and Duracell Optimum AA are two of the best options on the market. Both brands are known for their long-lasting power and reliability, making them ideal for use in high-drain devices such as digital cameras, game controllers, and flashlights.

How Long Do Blink Camera Batteries Last?

Factors That Affect Blink Camera Battery Life

The battery life of Blink cameras can vary depending on usage and battery type. Factors that affect battery life include the number of recordings and live views per day, the temperature and environment in which the camera is used, and the quality of the battery.

Estimating Blink Camera Battery Power Life Based on Battery Type and Capacity

The estimated battery life of Blink cameras based on battery type and capacity is as follows:

  • Lithium AA batteries: up to 2 years
  • Alkaline AA batteries: up to 4 months
  • Rechargeable AA batteries: up to 3 months                                                                                       Please note that the actual battery life may vary depending on usage and environmental factors such as temperature and motion activity.

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Blink Camera?

To extend the battery life of your Blink camera, you can do the following:

  • Reduce the number of recordings and live views per day.
  • Use lithium batteries for optimal performance and longevity.
  • Store your camera in a cool, dry place when not in use.


Final Thoughts on Choosing the Good Quality Batteries for A Blink Camera

Choosing the kind of batteries for your Blink camera depends on your specific needs and preferences. Lithium batteries are recommended for optimal performance and longevity, but use alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries can also work. When choosing a battery, consider the size and type of batteries, voltage, capacity, life, durability, and extreme temperature performance.

Battery Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Blink Camera Performance

To maximize the performance of your Blink camera, use lithium batteries, keep the camera in a cool, dry place, and have a lot of recordings and live views per day?. Don’t use them. 

It is also important to regularly clean the lens and ensure that the camera is positioned and angled properly to capture the desired area. Additionally, regularly updating the camera firmware and using a strong Wi-Fi connection can improve the overall performance of the Blink camera. 

Get the Best Deal on Your Blink Camera Batteries Today! 

If you’re in the market for batteries for your blink devices, consider purchasing Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA or Duracell Optimum AA for optimal performance and longevity. Both of them are excellent choices for Blink devices. 

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