Arris Modem Keeps Resetting: 8 Ways To Easily Fix It

Arris is one of the most popular makers of modems and routers, which is not unexpected given its dependability, speed, and elegant appearance. As a result, several internet service providers promote them as the finest option and equipment available.

However, even the most well-known modems may happen to malfunction from time to time. Recently, several problems have been reported, including that the Arris modem keeps resetting

In this article, we’ll go over the origins of this problem in detail, studying the possible causes and how to fix themMost of the solutions provided are simple and only take a few minutes to implement, so you should go through all of them before calling your internet service provider.

Why does your Arris modem keep resetting itself?

Before we get into the solutions for this phenomenon, let us have a look at what is causing it in the first place. Although Arris modems are quite dependable, they can fail from time to time, and in many situations, the modem is not the source of the problem.

The primary cause of the modem restarting is usually a lost connection to the internet service provider. The modem attempts to reconnect after the connection is lost, fails, and then restarts in many situations.

Furthermore, the connection might be lost for a variety of causes, including:

  1. Loose Cables: Coaxial, Ethernet, or other power cables all play an important part in forming a good connection;
  2. Network maintenance: your internet service provider might have some work on the network that has to be done;
  3. Defective equipment: old and faulty equipment can cause the problem, which is why it’s always better to check it regularly;
  4. Out-of-date firmware: in addition, software problems can also cause connection issues.

While this can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you are in the middle of an important video chat or gaming session, you can do a few things to resolve the issue.

How to fix an Arris modem that keeps resetting?

Now that we know that the modem constantly resetting is due to a lost connection, we may devise some innovative and easy solutions to the problem. 

1. Give the modem some time

This might seem obvious, but most of the time, the problem with the connection will resolve itself. Because the modem is attempting to re-establish a connection to your internet service provider that was lost for whatever reason, it will take some time.

One of the causes of the disconnection might be network maintenance, and there is nothing you can do about it but wait. When the repair is finished, the modem should come back up and you should be able to resume browsing without issue.

You may always call your ISP to see whether there is any work presently being done on the network and how long it will continue.

However, if the connection has not been created after a time, you can attempt one of our solutions to resolve the issue.

2. Check the power cables

Modems are connected to power outlets through a power wire inserted into the rear of the device. Many individuals fail to consider the likelihood that such power cords may cause connectivity problems.

For the modem to connect, the power supply must be continuous and uninterrupted. If the power supply is not ideal, the modem may lose connection and reset while attempting to rejoin.

This is why you must first inspect the power line, ensuring that it is properly plugged in and has no broken or bent terminals. If you believe that this cable is causing the issue, replace it to be sure.

Furthermore, if there are any power supply issues in your neighborhood, such as low voltage, the modem may not operate correctly.

3. Check the coax cable

The Arris modem must be linked to the coax cable, which is also situated on the rear of the device, in addition to the power cable. This cable is a necessary component of your internet connection and is in charge of all network traffic.

Check that the cable is not only intact and free of damage but also that it is correctly attached to the device. To avoid signal leakage, the connection must be as tight as possible.

If you find that something is not quite how it’s supposed to be when inspecting the coax cable, replace it or call your internet service provider to have it replaced for you.

While inspecting this cable, ensure that all of the connections and splitters are in good working order, since these locations may also create connectivity difficulties if not properly maintained.

4. Unplug devices

Most modems these days are highly sophisticated and fast, but users have a propensity to overwork them. The number of devices linked to the same modem, which also serves as a router, may have something to do with the connection issues.

If your modem keeps restarting, see if any equipment may be disconnected and see if it makes a difference.

Because modern homes and businesses are full of gadgets that connect to the internet without our knowledge, there may be some congestion and issues when they all try to connect to the internet at the same time.

You may also use a third-party program to identify all the devices connected to your modem or router and check if there are any invaders. If you detect a device that is not yours, you may always block or delete it to improve the performance of your network.

5. Alter the channels

When it comes to congestion and overworking the equipment if your modem randomly resets, another factor to examine is the channels and the distribution of the devices that use them.

Although it may seem unlikely, this is one of the issues that cause the modem to lose connection. Channels are accessible at two different frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

The majority of devices are set to utilize the 2.4GHz band, which has fewer channels than the other frequency. This is why it might become crowded and cause the modem to constantly reset.

In order to fix this, just use a third-party program to evaluate the channels and check if any channels are more available to move certain devices. This will increase traffic speed and improve the functionality of your modem, eliminating the need for frequent resets.

6. Allow the device to cool down

Arris modems frequently contain a router, which might imply a lot of effort for a single device. Furthermore, they are frequently stored in cupboards and bookshelves to keep them out of sight.

This positioning is not only terrible for Wi-Fi coverage, but it can also create other irregularities, which may be why your Arris router keeps resetting.

If the location does not allow for any ventilation, the device may become overheated and lose the connection as a result.

Simply move your modem away from other devices, give it enough space to cool down, and make sure it is not too hot to touch. Furthermore, keep it dust-free from time to time, as dust can cause overheating because it obstructs appropriate ventilation.

7. Update your modem firmware

All of our prior suggestions were mostly focused on the hardware and the issues the device may be experiencing on the outside. But there is one more item to think about: the modem’s software.

This gadget, like any other, performs best with the most recent version of the firmware, thus it is critical to check for new updates regularly.

If the firmware is out of date, there is a possibility that certain things are not working properly, and your modem keeps rebooting to try to solve the problem.

The upgrade is quite simple. All you have to do is go to the manufacturer’s website and see if there are any new updates available to download and install. It will only take a few minutes, and the findings may surprise you.

You are not only resolving the restarting issue, but you are also assuring the protection of your network and data.

8. Get in touch with Customer Service

If none of our recommendations work and the Arris modem keeps dropping connection, you may need to contact your internet service provider. There are several things they might do to help fix the situation.

First and foremost, the support center should be able to notify you if the network is undergoing maintenance and how long it will take to be repaired. 

Although maintenance is often handled at night when there are fewer customers online, some serious issues must be addressed during the day as well.

If there is no activity on the network, the operator will examine the problem and, if necessary, dispatch a technician.

The technician should begin by troubleshooting the network, inspecting all devices and connections to determine the source of the problem. 

This may necessitate the replacement of certain components, such as cables and splitters, but do not be shocked if the entire modem must be replaced.

A new modem will be given if the diagnostic tools reveal that this piece of equipment is to blame for the connection issues.

If there are no difficulties at your home or workplace, the technician will examine the connection in the neighborhood to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Even the greatest modems, like Arris, have issues from time to time, but they are typically simple to resolve. Keep in mind that the Arris modem keeps rebooting because it lost connectivity, and attempt to figure out where this may be happening.

Follow our suggestions to resolve the issue, and you will be back online in no time.

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