Arris DG1670A Wireless Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix It

Despite the presence of cables, people are increasingly reliant on wireless internet, particularly on mobile gadgets like smartphones. But what if the wi-fi does not work?

If you own an Arris DG1670A, you may run across this issue at some point, although it is typically simple to resolve.

We will go through every aspect and troubleshoot why Arris DG1670A Wi-Fi is not working and how to fix it.

How To Fix Arris DG1670A Wireless Not Working?

Even the greatest routers fail occasionally, which is totally natural; nonetheless, this may sometimes disrupt essential business or calls, which would annoy even the most patient individuals.

There are several reasons why your wifi is not working, ranging from loose wires to a lost connection. Here, we will troubleshoot typical problems and repair them as we go.

Check the cables

Even though we are discussing a wireless network, wires are still involved. A loose cable or a faulty connection is one of the most prevalent causes of a poor internet connection.

This is one of the reasons why we always recommend checking all cables and connections for any problems first. Look for kinks in the wire, a poor connection to the device, or any other indication that the wires are not correctly attached.

Even though most people do not think of wires first, checking the cables will probably save you a lot of time and frustration, not to mention it’s always easier and cheaper to go through this simple step rather than calling a professional right away.

Examine the gadget

If the problem of the Arris router, not broadcasting Wi-Fi remains, and you have ensured that all cables are properly plugged in, examine the device itself.

On the back of most models of routers, there is a specially designed button that solely serves to switch the Wi-Fi on and off.

This button is sometimes accidentally toggled on or off, leaving users without a Wi-Fi signal and no idea what is going on.

Check the device before adopting any of our other options, as it may just save the day by enabling your internet connection with the press of a single button.

Examine the Web Interface

If none of the preceding ideas worked, you may need to go to the Arris router web interface and troubleshoot the problem there using the Arris DG1670A remote access.

Similar to our last workaround, but in the virtual world, you may stop or allow Wi-Fi on your router using the web interface.

This interface, like hitting the button on the actual device, allows users to switch the signal on and off. We believe it is important to discuss this because it is something that few people are aware of.

Log in to your Arris router and double-check all of the settings. This might be one of the simplest answers to your problem, as well as a quick cure for Arris DG1670A wifi not working.

Reboot the device

After you have eliminated all other options for inadvertently shutting off the wifi, you may need to restart your Arris router.

This may seem familiar, but many issues and problems may be resolved by just restarting any device. This is particularly true with internet connections, routers, and modems.

Because these devices are frequently overburdened with requests, assaults, and defenses, a minor connection error may be causing you to lose your Wi-Fi.

By correctly restarting the router, you allow for a fresh start, the formation of new connections, and the possible resolution of the problem at hand. A good restart will take a few minutes since you must wait for a few seconds after unplugging the device.

When you reconnect it, the Arris router will automatically re-establish all connections and enhance the signal, providing you with the finest alternatives for a stable connection.

Install the latest firmware

Firmware upgrades are critical for the best operation of modems and routers, which is why you may hear this advice frequently.

Firmware upgrades not only provide improved answers to numerous problems, including Wi-Fi signal issues but also provide greater protection and increased security measures.

Although many manufacturers will automatically update the firmware, you may have to provide permission or even download and install the update manually. 

This is simple to accomplish via the company’s website or online interface, where all changes are visible to users.

Tips To Improve Arris DG1670A Wireless Connection

Since the preceding suggestions are likely to resolve the issue with your Wi-Fi connection and router, we will go over a few pro tips to help you set up and maintain the best possible connection with your Arris router.

Modem Setup

One of the most critical stages in achieving optimal internet coverage and performance is configuring your router. This may appear to be a complex task, but there are just a few things to keep in mind while installing new equipment.

1. Determine the best position — As previously said, the Arris router comes with a wall mount, making it ideal for any area. Because routers and modems should be positioned higher up and away from other devices, choose the best feasible placement from the start. This will provide you with the greatest Wi-Fi connection, speed, and coverage possible in your house or workplace.

2. Install the wires — Aside from the location, one of the things you must consider is the cables. Make sure all of the wires are properly plugged in, and only use the manufacturer’s supplied or suggested cables. A good cable connection with no leaks or bends will provide you the greatest results and the most secure connection.

3. Configure the modem — When you are ready to connect to your modem by cable or Wi-Fi, use your default web browser and input the IP address listed on the box. If a username and password are requested, utilize the defaults given by Arris before setting new ones for your account. Depending on the device, the username and password may change, but the default is typically admin and password.

Once you have configured your Arris router, the connection should be up and running very quickly, with no more issues. However, if you want further instructions or assistance, you may always contact your internet service provider or Arris customer care.


The firmware on this incredible router allows you to tailor the experience and modify various preferences on the device.

Because this model is highly user-friendly, you should have no trouble navigating their interface and discovering all of the other options, such as your username and password.

Furthermore, as previously said, always ensure that your firmware is up to current. You can check your router to see if there are any updated releases available. If there are any, save them to your PC without changing the file name.

There should be a status indicator and a drop-down menu on the configuration page where you can pick the router upgrade. When you are able, pick the previously downloaded file and enable your router to upgrade to the newest firmware version.

This will allow you to have faster network performance, higher-quality connections, and extra security measures.


We may need to do a thorough reset of the device for a variety of reasons. So, if you have lost your password or wish to restore the device to factory settings, you have two options:

1. Hardware reset — If you opt to reset your router to factory settings, bear in mind that all data, including your login and password, as well as any other features you enjoy on the device, will be erased. All you have to do to reset the hardware is press the reset button for more than 15 seconds. This time restriction guarantees that it does not happen by chance, as vital data would be lost. After the device has been reset to factory settings, you may begin configuring it all over again

2. Software reset – Unlike our prior advice, this one requires locating the option on the device rather than pushing a button. There are numerous choices on the Arris router’s web interface, including the factory reset, which does the identical thing mentioned above. However, if you choose the software reset, you may preserve your settings and utilize them again when configuring the device. This may be a huge time saving, and it is another reason why this is one of the greatest gadgets you can buy.

Most of the time when wireless wi-fi is not working, the problem is fairly easy to fix. This doesn’t mean that you should always try to fix your router problems yourself, but before you call customer service, you can try the tips above. If there are large connection difficulties that can be handled with these steps, they can be useful tools to keep in mind.

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