AboCom On My Network: What Is And 3 Ways To Fix It

Many of us are concerned about the privacy of our online experiences, and when we hear news and stories about new spying technologies being created all the time, our concerns grow even more. 

When we monitor our network, it may appear weird to find an AboCom device connected if you are unfamiliar with it. Most people are familiar with the devices linked to their local network and are used to seeing phones, tablets, and other gadgets, but what if you notice something unusual?

We will explain what AboCom on my Wi-Fi is and why you should not be concerned. There will also be some pointers on how to address the problem and improve your security.

What is AboCom on my network?

Your router or modem allows you to see and control all of the devices connected to your local network. This is where consumers report seeing a new gadget, such as AboCom, but not knowing what it is. 

There is nothing to be concerned about because this is a firm that manufactures Wi-Fi smart home gadgets.

AboCom is a Taiwanese business that makes numerous technological gadgets, usually tiny pieces of larger technologies that serve as a Wi-Fi network connection. Because many firms employ their parts, you may be unaware that you have an AboCom gadget in your home.

These can be lightbulbs, sensors, or cameras, as well as different smart gadgets throughout the house that require Wi-Fi to function.

You may notice a device from a different manufacturer connecting to your Wi-Fi as AboCom. This is because there is a component in the gadget produced by AboCom products that the network is registering.

This manufacturer is less likely to be found in well-known brands; instead, it is more likely to be found in less famous and less expensive equipment.

It’s not that there is something wrong with it; simply keep an eye on those devices to ensure they are not creating any network issues.

How do you locate devices on your network?

In order to locate and analyze an AboCom device, you must first locate it on the network. This is most likely why you sought solutions in the first place, but let us look at how to do it correctly.

Once linked to your router’s web interface, check for one of the following choices:

  1. Attached Devices;
  2. Connected Devices;
  3. DHCP Clients

Depending on the type of router, you may have to search for these options. Once you have found the location, search for any connected devices. You may do a few things if you see an AboCom device on your network and are unsure what it is.

Furthermore, keep in mind that each device on the network has a unique MAC address, and you can always search Google for each MAC address to see which device has it. This will allow you to filter through the devices on your network and choose which ones to resolve.

How do I fix an AboCom device on my network?

Before we go into some of the solutions, keep in mind that the majority of the gadgets are safe and likely do not contain any malware. While AboCom is not as well-known as some other brands, it is nevertheless extensively utilized.

Some of our ideas will cause the device to be disconnected, so be sure you are comfortable with that option before proceeding.

It is crucial to verify which item is identified as an AboCom device before blocking it to ensure that you are not risking essential equipment such as lightbulbs.

1. Unplug gadgets 

If you investigate your network and the devices linked to it, you may be shocked to see how many devices are connected currently. Almost every modern technology includes a Wi-Fi module.

Once you have seen the list of all the devices, the easiest way to figure out which ones utilize AboCom is to unplug them one at a time.

Because AboCom might be a component of another device, this is the safest and quickest method of determining which device it is. When it is disconnected and no longer shows in the list of connected devices, you may determine if it is worth plugging back in.

While most people are concerned that unauthorized devices would disrupt the network and snoop on users, the truth is slightly different. 

We can never be too careful with all of the devices around the house, but keep in mind that the vast majority of them are not using your network or information in any manner.

If you are still worried about the gadget, disconnect it or replace it.

2. Block devices 

In addition to disconnecting devices, most routers also allow you to block certain devices on your network that you are unsure about. This is a fantastic function for freeing up bandwidth and disconnecting neighbors and questionable devices.

Blocking an AboCom prevents it from connecting to your Wi-Fi network, giving you peace of mind before deciding whether or not to permanently uninstall the device.

A blocked device cannot communicate with the internet and cannot harm your network or security. In addition, this option is completely customizable and you can always change your mind.

3. Change the Wi-Fi password 

If you are unsure who is using your wireless and why changing the password is the best and frequently simplest option. This will disconnect all of the network’s devices, which you may then reconnect manually.

Begin with the most basic, such as your phone, tablet, and other everyday gadgets, and then move on to cameras, lightbulbs, and all other devices that require Wi-Fi to work.

This can assist you not only speed up your internet when there are fewer devices connected, but it can also help you identify which gadgets have AboCom within and whether you actually need them.

Tips to improve your network security.

When it comes to unfamiliar devices on your network, one can not help but question whether you can do anything to improve security. There are several precautions you can take to safeguard your data, devices, and family, and we will go through them.


Network Mapper is one of the first tools you will require because it is one of the most popular open-source network mapping utilities. 

Nmap was created to assist users in scanning their networks and discovering various problems such as: 

  1. Locating any opened ports;
  2. Discovering connected devices along with their IP addresses;
  3. Finding servers and operating systems of the connected devices;
  4. Custom scanning options for advanced users and larger companies.

As you can see, this tool might make a big impact since it not only scans for potential entry points and open ports but also contains detailed information on the linked devices. 

This may be incredibly useful if you find a device like AboCom and do not know why it is there in the first place.


This is another excellent tool used by experts. This is an open-source network monitoring and analysis tool that will assist you in taking a deeper look at your network and identifying any issues before they become a concern.

WireShark, unlike other comparable products on the market, can create logs and link to other apps in order to improve security.


Firewalls are the first line of security for your network and any linked devices. These incredible pieces of software safeguard your data by preventing any suspicious or unknown sources from infiltrating the system.

This is why it is critical to keep two things in mind:

Update your firewalls

Updated software functions best since new versions provide extra security and greater protection against assaults. 

As technology advances, so do dangerous applications and hackers attempting to infiltrate your network and misuse your data.

To avoid this, check the availability of updates on a regular basis. These basic files are available from the manufacturer and require only a few minutes to download and install.

Furthermore, some internet service providers may automatically upgrade your firmware, optimizing your firewalls at the same time. That’s why it’s important that you do not turn off your updates.

Keep your firewalls turned on

While some scenarios and applications may require you to turn off your firewalls from time to time, this should be seen as a major red signal. 

Firewalls are not to be messed with, and the rule is to always have them turned on and operational. Even a little period of inactivity might cause difficulties, enable intruders into the network, and compromise your security.

At the end of the day, you probably have a lot of devices linked to your network without even recognizing it. This is simply because technology has evolved to the point where even a simple light bulb requires Wi-Fi to work correctly.

While we can all agree that technology has made our lives easier, it is comforting to know that you still have control over your network and security. 

You now know that even unusual names like AboCom might arise from time to time and that there is nothing to be concerned about.

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